1. Holistic social media intelligence suite for monitoring, measuring performance, and activating your customers.

  2. BoomSonar is an integrated social media business platform to monitor, measure, manage, analyze and respond on social media and web.

  3. Zenbu is a tool that makes social media analysis and evaluation easier. 

  4. First personalized dashboard publishing platform for the Web. Digital life managment, Widget distribution services and brand observation rooms.

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  6. Intutel is a market intelligence cloud - a suite of monitoring & analytics tools to help brands/ marketers / market research companies

  7. Google Alerts will send you email or RSS updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news...

  8. All-in-one platform that allows you to discover, organize, and communicate with your leads over all the channels of communication

  9. Calls to action, promotions & content management

  10. Xink is a comprehensive email signature management and campaign tool designed specifically for the needs of marketers.

  11. App builder for contests & promotions on Facebook, web & mobile

  12. Driftrock Custom Audience Sync