1. Simple, scalable state management

  2. PurpleJS is a simple and capable framework for creating performant web applications without leaving Javascript.

  3. JitPack builds GitHub Gradle and Maven projects on demand and provides ready-to-use packages

  4. bitcoin-js-remote is a user interface for Bitcoin written in JavaScript and released under the MIT/X11 License.

  5. SWFObject is an open-source Javascript framework for detecting the Adobe Flash Player plugin and embedding Flash (SWF) files.

  6. SproutCore is an open-source framework for building user experiences on the web.

  7. React Starter Kit is a project template for building robust and modular web applications.

  8. VRaptor is a web MVC action-based framework.

  9. Apache Struts is an open-source web application framework for developing Java EE web applications.

  10. Oracle ADF Faces is an end-to-end Java EE framework that simplifies application development by providing out-of-the-box infrastructure services.

  11. React Router is a routing for React.js, that synchronizes the components of application with the URL & supports server side rendering.

  12. An open source library for publishers to quickly implement header bidding.