1. Checkmk is comprehensive IT monitoring solution in the tradition of Nagios.

  2. Distributed tracing system released as open source by Uber

  3. Log4j is a logging framework (APIs) written in Java.

  4. Configuration Auditing of IT Infrastructure

  5. SignalFx is an advanced monitoring platform for modern applications.

  6. Diagnose server issues without opening 5 tabs.. All your monitoring tools, for all your servers, in one place.

  7. Cloud log management system.

  8. Logz.io provides log analysis software with alerts, role-based access, unlimited scalability and free ELK apps. Index, search & visualize your log data!

  9. Sumo Logic is a secure, purpose-built cloud-based machine data analytics service that leverages big data for real-time IT insights

  10. Splunk Enteprise is the fastest way to aggregate, analyze and get answers from your machine data with the help machine learning and real-time visibility.

  11. Beautiful & actionable analytics for InVision prototypes

  12. Teston is an easy, fast and localized user-testing service.