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Start the worlds most comfortable Point of sale Software retail with Auromine pos for both offline and online Cloud hosted solutions.

Auromine Products –Features Your one-stop solution your every section of your retail business. We provide the world with the best Point Of Sale retail and Jewelry Software with the best set of features to help your business grow. Cloud-Hosted Software Auromine Solutions POS and ERP software are built to blend into any type business, ranging from a start-up to the best and biggest global retail organization. With the unlimited features on our POS and ERP interface, you don't need to go through any more stress as our software possesses variety of features which include; Inventory management, Accounts management, Security Barcode, Ales and Purchase Transactions, Bank transactions including bank transfers and many more and each and every one of this features are Cloud Hosted making it easy for you to access them from anyone and at any time.

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