1. IBM SPSS Statistics is software that provides detailed analysis of statistical data. The company behind the product practically needs no introduction, as it's been a staple of the technology industry for over 100 years.

  2. Fedora gives 10,000+ course creators everything they need to build engaging and profitable online courses. Try us out, we're free to use!

  3. XRebel is a lightweight Java profiler that helps developers find and fix common problems in their application as they code.

  4. Nana C++ Library - a modern C++ GUI library

  5. Write cross-platform native apps in Ruby

  6. Create websites quickly and customize them with ease.

  7. The essential design material icons pack

  8. Bowery improves developer productivity by simplifying the process of setting up, managing, and sharing development environments.

  9. Powerful desktop app for creating responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework

  10. Visual web design app.

  11. Acme is a powerful text editor, development environment and textual-user-interface platform...

  12. Markdown editor for web developers