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OKR Software for business aka Objectives & Key Results. High-performing companies use Atiim to set OKRs, get aligned, focus on what matters, and accelerate results with OKRs. Implement the best practices of corporate management.

Atiim is an OKR software for setting, tracking, and managing goals for high-performance teams & organizations.

In 2015 Atiim introduced its simple, yet powerful Software to bring the entire OKR lifecycle into one system. The goals platform developed by Atiim is rooted in Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and it helps high-performance companies and teams set clear objectives, improve internal alignment, focus on what truly matters, and ultimately achieve better results.

OKR Management Software helps to: - Accelerate Performance. Set ambitious goals, track, and monitor progress for accountability, foster employee engagement. - Maximize Results. Regular Check-Ins keep teams and contributors focused and aligned on what moves the needle. - Align Everyone. Cascade objectives to align team’s and individual’s OKRs to top corporate priorities. - Measure What Matters. A data-driven management system to accelerate progress with real-time feedback, and customizable reports.


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