1. iceScrum is an open source​ scrum tool for agile software development.

  2. BamBam! is a project management software for developers and professionals.

  3. Collabee enables business to create workspaces and invite team members to collaborate.

  4. A business management software. Also called a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

  5. The most straightforward and social project management tool on the web and it's free.

  6. KADOS is web-based tool for managing SCRUM projects and other Agile projects

  7. Visual collaboration whiteboard to level up ideation process

  8. Colabus is an internet cloud based, flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise collaboration tool.

  9. Cloud-based film production management software for film, television and commercials.

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  10. freshcode.club attempts to substitute ...

  11. OpsCaptain provides a simple, reliable and smart cloud hosting platform as an alternative to Heroku. We serve more developers and deployments on our high performance cloud hosting platform than other platforms.

  12. put.sh is the deployment tool every web developer should have in their toolbox.