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  1. Make music with a free, cross-platform tool

    Midi I/O vs USB about 3 months ago

    Of course, you need some kind of DAW software in your PC that receives MIDI (from LPK), creates the audio data and sends them to Volt. If you have zero experience with this, start with some kind of simple and self-contained DAW, like e.g. "LMMS" (free download). Later you can graduate to more complex (and expensive) DAWs and separate VST plugins.
  2. The next generation of SONAR, the world's finest and most powerful DAW - now FREE.

  3. Record, edit, and mix on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

    Absolute beginner seeking advice about 2 months ago

    I am aware of the 'Real Tone Cable' however I am curious if this is what I should be buying if I also intend on recording my playing in a software such as 'Ardour'.
  4. Audacity is a free and open-source audio production software suite that includes a surprising array of editing tools and recording systems.

    Keeps freezing at 4.09% when rendering for Youtube about 2 months ago:

    If you have audio clips in a compressed format, such as MP3, we recommend converting them to a lossless format like WAV or FLAC using free audio editor software like Audacity. OpenShot prefers working with uncompressed audio during project editing. Similarly, if your video clips are in a format other than MP4, use free video converter software, such as Handbrake, to convert them to MP4 format, as OpenShot prefers...
  5. Caustic is a music creation tool inspired by rack-mount synthesizers / samplers rigs.

    Where to download Caustic 3 for Windows? about over 1 year ago

    My apologies if this has been answered somewhere else (noob here) - but where could I download Caustic 3 for windows? I checked but it appears the Windows downloader is outdated. Thanks!
  6. Whether you want to make music for the club, or you're aiming to put a few tracks to a film, Audiotool is a website geared towards putting the mixes at your fingertips. Read more about AudioTool.

    ToneMatrix about 3 months ago

    You're in for a surprise, is a fully-fledged DAW with advanced music synthesis running in the browser. It actually is where ToneMatrix originates from, and is still one of the useable synths in the DAW!
  7. Record, mix and share music online together with millions of Soundation users.

    Best Starter DAWs? about 7 months ago

    Would actually recommend Soundation. It's free, runs in your browser and has many features that will ease you into music production.
  8. Tracktion is a multi-platform software for music production, with a modern graphic user interface.

    Ask HN: What audio/sound-related OSS projects can I... about 6 months ago:

    JUCE: Tracktion: Both very powerful audio frameworks - JUCE does plugins and audio drivers and low-level DSP, oh my - and Tracktion does all the stuff a DAW needs, on top of JUCE. There are tons of ways to contribute, from building open source samples, to testing, or even adding functionality. Both dev teams are open to good quality PR's being submitted and both frameworks...
  9. Qtractor is an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application.

    Any good music programs like garage band or fruity loops? about about 1 year ago:

    Free and opensource DAWs: Ardour is the "standard" traditional DAW, but I recommend checking out Zrythm or Qtractor as you might prefer their workflows.
  10. A highly automated and intuitive digital audio workstation !

  11. DEX

    DEX 3 LE

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