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The Best Alternatives to Doodle That You Should Check Out

Doodle Trafft HubSpot Meeting Scheduler Calendar Acuity Scheduling Bookafy Arrangr NeedToMeet
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    Make meetings happen. With Doodle, scheduling becomes quick and easy.
    Doodle is only one of several online scheduling software, and many consider it the best. Yet, Doodle is not the right solution for everyone. Analyzing Doodle’s online reviews reveals its weaknesses.

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    An online scheduling software that provide support to any business that relay on bookings.
    Trafft is perfect for business owners who need to streamline their booking experience both for their staff and their clients.

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  3. Find a time that works without back-and-forth emails with HubSpot's free meeting scheduler. Add it to your website or emails and start booking appointments with ease.
    The first on the list of alternatives to Doodle is HubSpot Meeting Scheduler. It’s a free meeting and appointment scheduling software for marketing and salespeople. It is unique in that it links with your inbox, calendar, and CRM software, making scheduling appointments with customers easy.

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  4. Calendar app is an online calendar and team scheduling software for people like me and you. We make it easy to schedule appointments on your calendar.
    Calendar is a meeting scheduler that has even more to offer. It is a complete calendar app available in mobile and desktop versions. The interface is easy to work with because it mimics Google Calendar.

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  5. Online scheduling software that offers you a beautiful customisable booking website (or widget to your own website) to accept bookings and payments with the possibility of selling products as well.
    The app is accessible from any device, from any location, and at any time.

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  6. Automate your client bookings, cancellations, reminders & payments using the worlds friendliest online scheduling software.
    One drawback is having to add available time slots by hand, making Acuity Scheduling time-consuming.

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  7. Online Appointment Scheduling Software for calls, meetings, demos and appointments. 2-way Sync with Outlook & Google Cal. Free Set Up Support, Try it Today!
    Bookafy sends automatic confirmation emails and reminder text messages. And it integrates with Microsoft Teams and Webex. It also syncs with Exchange, Google Calendar, iCloud, and Outlook. That makes Bookafy an all-purpose tool for meeting scheduling.

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  8. A simple, fast way to arrange a meeting
    It easily integrates with different calendars and customer relations managers. You can even schedule different types of events. One of Arrangr’s unique features suggests ideal meeting locations. For example, you can enter your preference (coffee versus lunch), and the app will find the optimal location for all attendees.

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  9. Schedule a meeting in a few clicks to find a time that works for everyone.
    NeedToMeet’s mobile app can generate custom URLs. That way, you can send notifications and add comments. Clients will enjoy the app’s simple polling form.

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  10. is a cloud-based service which allows your customers to schedule appointments and make bookings.
    Continuing down the list of best Doodle alternatives, you will find can manage calendars for the entire team. It has customizable booking forms and third-party calendar integrations.

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  11. Say goodbye to phone and email tag for finding the perfect meeting time with Calendly. It's 100% free, super easy to use and you'll love our customer service.
    Some may remember the application. This app has been rebranded as CalendarHero, which resembles Calendly. You can suggest different meetings at different times and then share a link with invitees. Invitees can then indicate their preferred meeting time.

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  12. Schedule Every Meeting Faster
    Some may remember the application. This app has been rebranded as CalendarHero, which resembles Calendly. You can suggest different meetings at different times and then share a link with invitees. Invitees can then indicate their preferred meeting time.

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    Clara is a virtual employee that schedules your meetings, getting you to the work that matters, faster.
    A virtual assistant does more than schedule meetings. Clara is a machine learning virtual assistant that suits the needs of individuals and teams. First, it streamlines the entire scheduling process. Then, it discovers patterns that work best for you.

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    The simplest way to schedule a time to meet
    Automation is Pick’s keyword. It requires a Gmail calendar. Then, when a meeting is requested, it searches the personal calendar of each invitee that also uses Pick to see what time slots are open for all.

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    Simplest way to sell your time.
    Karen is available 24/7. It is an online scheduling manager for meetings and appointments. Clients can book an appointment with you, and they can pay online from the comfort of their homes. The app sends text or email reminders to reduce no-show appointments.

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  16. Collaborative screen sharing for sales & success teams
    Demodesk is a cloud-based online booking system with a practical screen-sharing feature. You can use this feature to create your booking pages for potential clients to book their meetings.

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  17. Spend less time managing your day & more time enjoying it
    Although it’s sometimes overlooked, there is a button in the top left corner to create a new event. After creating the event, you can add guests and tap on “Find a Time.“ Google Calendar will start searching for the invitees’ availability in their calendars. Then you can schedule the meeting at the best time for everyone.

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    A scheduling and chatbot solution.
    The OnceHub team developed ScheduleOnce. This meeting scheduling app doesn’t limit you to one type of meeting—you to schedule various meeting types. App defaults offer standard lengths of 15, 30, and 60 minutes.

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  19. WhenAvailable is an excellent event management tool that allows scheduling the dinner party, book club meeting, and guys’ night out with simple and best ideas.
    Start arranging events with WhenAvailable. This application was specially designed to organize events. Just select the date and share it with friends, family, or colleagues. The invitees can inform you of their availability.

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  20. Appointlet is an appointment scheduler built on top of Google Calendar.
    You’ll find everything you expect of a good meeting scheduler in Appointlet. It automates your workflow and syncs your calendars. One feature sends emails with links to your booking page. You can also add the booking page link to the landing page or website.

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    Rallys award winning agile project management tools help organizations perfect the art of agile...
    The idea behind Rally is in its name; to rally fellow team members toward better communication. Rally is a collaborative appointment scheduling software for large teams. It is ideal for remote teams because it helps them agree faster on group meeting times.

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    Seamless meetings, online scheduling, video calls & payments
    MeetFox does more than most appointment scheduling tools. Besides scheduling capabilities, it has an in-app video call host and features for keeping track of payments. You can automatically invoice and process payments.

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  23. Chili Piper is an intelligent calendar for Sales teams, to book their own meetings or set appointments for other teams.
    A practical feature of Chili Piper optimizes your calendar and improves productivity. You can set appointment reminders, set buffers between meetings, and reserve time slots. Most important, it makes it easy to schedule appointments.

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