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  1. Encrypted cloud storage for your confidential files. Using Tresorit, files are encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud. Start encrypting files for free.

    Cloud storage about about 1 month ago:

    I've been looking at Proton Drive, and
  2. Home

  3. Easy and secure encryption for the cloud. Provides security for all cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

  4. ownCloud is an open source project enabling businesses to host their own cloud storage while maintaining regulatory and compliance needs.

    The Ethics of AI Art about 25 days ago:

    Maybe the solution Grey is looking for with obsidian a self hosted cloud that allows collaboration. Like NextCloud or OwnCloud. IDK how reliant he is on Obsidians plugins and specific UI. But these allow realtime collaboration on markdown. You just need an always on machine and a decent connection.
  5. Wuala is the secure cloud storage from Switzerland: all files are encrypted on your computer; your password never leaves your computer.

    Collective hoarding? about 3 months ago

    For those new to the internet, this sounds exactly what Wuala was:
  6. Secure File Storage and collaboration

    Info about 2 months ago:

    The videos come in as raw as the day they were saved, using xfire's wierd XFR1 video codec. Both VLC and MPC can play them just fine, but discord & most video editing apps will have trouble. Youtube, imgur and streamable support XFR1. Also included with your download link (via is a conv_vids folder which contains all the vids in a more modern MP4 format for video editing.
  7. Broadcast your content with zero data footprint 🔗

  8. The zero knowledge cloud sync & share solution for businesses. 100 % privacy guaranteed. Secure collaboration for your teams. End-To-End-Encryption is guaranteed and certified.

    freemium €59.5 / Annually (Professional Starter Cloud 10 GB.)

  9. When it comes to saving your files on a cloud server, it is important to ensure the security of those files. Keeping your delicate files out of the wrong hands can save you a lot of time and hassle. Read more about Cryptomator.

    Upside Down Backups about 2 days ago

    I do something similar. Even before the current EU Energy madness, the price of storing <=10TB in the cloud was less than the cost of a dual bay NAS with 2x10TB drives plus the power required to run it[1] for 5 years. Currently the power alone costs more than the 10TB cloud storage. Considering that the cloud has way more resilience than anything I can reasonably cook up at home, the major threat in the cloud is...
  10. With Nextcloud enterprises host their own secure cloud solution for storage, collaboration & communication from any device, anywhere.

    Suggestions on what to do with an old Dell all-in-one office... about 13 days ago

    You could use it as a Matrix server, or a Nextcloud box (makes it easy to do account based file transfer without artificial limits, or simply to replace your iCloud/GDrive storage).
  11. Online Sync and File Sharing

    3.3 economy about 7 months ago

    Huh. This may take a more in depth look to solve, guess and check is likely to miss a lot. If you upload your save file to a file hosting site like and post the link, I'll take a look and see what advice I can come up with.
  12. Access and sync your files anywhere

    Google Drive is syncing stuff from my trash - anyone else... about 5 days ago

    I'm running the latest beta of Ventura and the Google Drive sync app installed from
  13. Secure access, sharing & file storage

  14. Cloud storage service with up to 20GB for free! Store, share and send large files to anyone. Join now and have your files everywhere you go.

    Not for Mac users! about 2 days ago:

    My suggestion: go for a similar service like, or Idrive is very complete and very affordable. The interface may be a little confusing at first though. Pcloud is good, but expensive, as you have to pay extra if you want zero-knowledge encryption. is good and affordable. But if you do not want to mess up the structure of your Mac (if you made one), you have to know how to...
  15. 1GB

    100 GB Free Cloud Drive from Degoo

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  16. ACD

    Amazon Cloud Drive

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  17. iCloud is cloud service done right. It stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to all your devices.

    How can I combat spam from Gmail? about about 13 hours ago:

    We had an issue with some recent ones in large quantity coming from manager asked me what we are gonna do about it. I told him I would solve that issue when I was done with world hunger and nuclear fusion.
  18. Qualys helps your business automate the full spectrum of auditing, compliance and protection of your IT systems and web applications.

  19. Verizon Cloud is a data storage solution from the mobile service provider Verizon.

    Order Status on about 22 days ago

    I placed an order this AM for iPhone 14. I received a confirmation e-mail, but I don't see the order while logged into my account. In fact, when I goto "My Devices --> Orders", the page did not render.
  20. Synology DS216+II is a great data integration hardware which is provided by Synology Technologies.

  21. Rencore is a software company providing award-winning solutions essential to the SharePoint and Office 365 space.

  22. Aqua Security provides a security solution for virtual containers.

    Kubernetes Hardening Tutorial Part 3: Authn, Authz, Logging &... about 7 months ago:

    It's an open-source project by Aqua Security and you might have already known them because of their other project trivy which is a scanner for vulnerabilities in container images, file systems, and Git repositories, as well as for configuration issues.
  23. Lacework is a highly trusted platform that provides security for Cloud Environments, DevOps, and Containers.

  24. Sonrai Security delivers an enterprise cloud security platform focused on identity and data protection inside AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. We can show you all the ways data has been accessed in the past and can be accessed in the future.

  25. Secure Your Cloud. Identity First. Holistic protection for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

    paid Free Trial

    OS Alternative to gcp identity plattform? about 5 months ago

    Https:// is an identity first platform covering GCP as well.
  26. PCP

    Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks

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  27. Cloud-based endpoint protection for businesses. The Falcon platform offers nex-gen endpoint security with an intelligent, easy-to-install lightweight agent.

  28. With Cubby, your stuff is shared across all your computers, tablets, and smartphones and always accessible at It's everything in its everyplace.

  29. Seguridad Web De Última Generación Para La Fuerza Laboral Global Del Futuro

  30. Cisco Secure Access by Duo is a powerful solution that enables you to protect your workforce by implementing enhanced endpoint visibility and multi-factor authentication.

  31. is a prominent File transfer and storage service that is trusted by many individuals across the globe.

    Any way to transfer from one downloader to another? about 2 months ago

    I tried downloading l4d2 from onlinefix and used but in the middle of the download my internet shut down and I got "No resume support". My net kinda sucks so every time I download something I get a new unknown disease Any way to continue downloading? It wont let me resume on FDM which I downloaded it from but google works fine Can I somehow import it to google or use the torrent link to continue the...
  32. File hosting done simple

    Anything related to myself and Flash. about about 1 month ago:

    Additionally, I'd like to give a shoutout to StarFiles for implementing Flash game functionality on their website.
  33. Decentralized secure documents manager with private sharing

  34. DigiBoxx is a digital asset management platform that lets you manage your pictures, videos, documents, folders and other digital assets on-the-go, on any device.

    Digiboxx cloud storage Pros and Cons about 10 months ago

    I found this to be the cheapest cloud storage in the market Digiboxx.
  35. A unified Cloud management platform

    paid Free Trial

    PowerBoard - A Unified Cloud Management Platform for Azure & AWS about over 1 year ago

    PowerBoard is a unified cloud management platform for teams. It increases return on investment and reduces total cost of ownership for cloud management for your organization. It helps you to manage cost, security, governance and automation for Azure and AWS. It saves you time and money spent on managing cost & security of cloud platforms. It helps you reduce your cloud bill, continuously. It helps you improve your...
  36. P


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  37. Zoolz offers secure cloud backup and disaster recovery services for home users and businesses.

  38. Immuta is a decent and well-regarded Universal Cloud Data Access Control that provides multiple capabilities to empower operations teams, and data engineers automate data access control throughout various phases of their cloud data infrastructure wi…

  39. Druva offers a Data Resiliency Cloud Platform that allows you to unleash the capabilities of the cloud to energize your company with data security and management.

  40. SB


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  41. AnonFiles is a free web and mobile-based application that allows you to upload a file and share it with friends or anonymously over the internet.

    Carful boys about the AI channel "Aitrepreneur" the links he... about 8 days ago

    It was the link that did the malware stuff, I only cliked it because the main link gave a data limit message.
  42. Sendit.Cloud is a great free Cloud Service.

  43. Degoo is a cloud style storage program for all kinds of files. You can use Degoo to store things as varied as business reports to family photos. Degoo acts as a backup to physical files, which can be easily destroyed or lost. Read more about Degoo.

    115 Gb Google Drive storage forever?! about 11 months ago:

    Hi there. Want 100GB for free and almost 4ever ? Here you go:
  44. A simple and fast file storage service.

  45. Nessus Professional is a security platform designed for businesses who want to protect the security of themselves, their clients, and their customers.

  46. MyHub is an cloud-based intranet solutions that help businesses to communicate and collaborate.

  47. ProjectSend is a self-hosted application that lets users upload files and assign them to specific clients.

  48. EGroupware is free open source groupware software intended for businesses from small to enterprises.

  49. Secure file sharing & FTP hosting for the ​enterprise.

  50. CO

    Clappia Online

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  51. Openload is a movie website that allows users to watch movies and TV shows online.