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7 WinMerge Alternatives

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  1. WinMerge is an open source differencing and merging tool for Windows.

    Compare code files in two directories? about 25 days ago

    Therefore, if it's a small project or some files you can also use the diff function of VSCode or check your files with KDiff3 / WinMerge.
  2. What is Meld? Meld is a visual diff and merge tool targeted at developers.

    Installing latest Marlin? about 11 days ago

    It seems that config is for 2.0.7, and from the experience of upgrading my config from 2.0.7 to 2.0.8 I don't think this will work. There er quite some new settings, and some renamings. So I think you're better off starting with the official config for 2.0.8 and an Ender 3 and apply the changes needed for the Max yourself. To find those changs I recommend Meld, but from what I know the Max is the same as the 3,...
  3. Beyond Compare allows you to compare files and folders.

  4. KDiff3 is a file and directory diff and merge tool which compares and merges two or three text...

  5. XXDiff is the name of a graphical file and directories comparison system.

  6. DiffMerge is a graphical file comparison program for Windows, Mac OS X and Unix, published by...

  7. Home of the award-winning Araxis Merge two and three-way file comparison (diff) and merging application, Araxis Find Duplicate Files, Araxis Replace In Files, and the Araxis Ketura issue tracking, project scheduling and time tracking application.

  8. It is a simple yet powerful tool that is being used by the professional programmer and developers for the purpose of visual comparison.