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11 Best Android OS for PC Computers (32,64 bit)

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  1. BlueStacks is a website designed to format mobile apps to be compatible to desktop computers, opening up mobile gaming to laptops and other computers. Read more about BlueStacks.

    Bluestacks 5 being installed using the Bluestacks X... about 7 days ago

    I have downloaded the BlueStacks X installer from both the front page of, and this page that pops up when I press the "BlueStacks X" icon in the BlueStacks App Player. Both installers only install BlueStacks 5. I also tried the BlueStacks 5 installer just to check if it's opposite day but nope, not that lucky.
  2. Android For Laptop/PCs based on the Android-x86 project.

    Can I still dualboot ? about over 1 year ago

    So,in the coming days I want to dualboot Windows 10 and PrimeOS.
  3. With Chromebooks, we’ve reimagined features from the ground up to be smarter, faster and more secure. That means pairing an all-new OS with an all-day battery.

  4. Open Source OS for PC's, based on AOSP

    Installed BlissOS on my surface pro 6 and had lots of Problems about about 2 months ago

    You can find links to Bliss discord server from the official website
  5. Installs android on computer. Based on android-x86

  6. OPENTHOS: Free software download for windows, android.

  7. Remix OS lets you turn your mobile phone into a more versatile device. With its easy syncing functions, you can power up your mobile device and cleanly integrate it with your other technologies.

  8. Run Android on your PC.

    will android run? about 6 months ago

    The only way to see if Android will run is to try and run it. Start with the newest release from, write it to a flash drive with Etcher and try booting it - like GNU/Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Android-x86 has a live mode in which you can test it to see if it boots, and if it does test to see if your hardware all works. You can ignore the Google sign in here, just connect to...
  9. Operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android

    rip Pixel 4 4XL about 2 days ago

    If you have the bootloader unlocked version, you can always install LineageOS to continue getting updates indefinitely. It's one of the best things about buying a phone with an unlocked bootloader.
  10. KOPLAYER is a Best Free Android Emulator for pc, support multiple accounts, video recording & keyboard. It built on x86 Architecture, run faster and stability than BlueStacks.

  11. This is an Android emulator for your computer.