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11 Best Android OS for PC Computers (32,64 bit)

BlueStacks PrimeOS Google Chrome OS Bliss OS Phoenix OS OpenThos Remix OS Android-x86 LineageOS KOPLAYER
  1. BlueStacks is a website designed to format mobile apps to be compatible to desktop computers, opening up mobile gaming to laptops and other computers. Read more about BlueStacks.
    BlueStacks is nothing but an Android emulator for your PC. It’s like having an Android phone but having it on your computer. Basically, you can download any Android application through BlueStacks on your PC or laptop.

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  2. Android For Laptop/PCs based on the Android-x86 project.
    What I like about PrimeOS is that you can install it on your computer in dual-boot mode together with your Windows OS. This means that you will create a separate disk partition for PrimeOS so that every time you power up your computer you will have the option of booting into either Windows or PrimeOS.

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  3. With Chromebooks, we’ve reimagined features from the ground up to be smarter, faster and more secure. That means pairing an all-new OS with an all-day battery.
    Chrome OS is for people who spend most of their time on the web. It’s a Desktop Operating System from Google that provides a fast, simple and more secure computing experience. You can download a copy of Chrome OS and install it on Chromebook computers.

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  4. Open Source OS for PC's, based on AOSP
    Bliss OS-x86 is an open source Android-based operating system for PC computers and tablets. Hardware wise, this Android OS flavor can be installed and run on any Windows/Linux PC, Chromebook, Macbook or Tablet released in the last 4 years (i.e 2016 and later).

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  5. Installs android on computer. Based on android-x86
    With this software, you’ll get to have the PC browsing experience along with the fun of the android operating system. It enables you to have multiple fully resizable windows open at a time. The Phoenix OS is an excellent choice for those who want to have a full-fledged android experience on their windows PC.

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  6. OPENTHOS: Free software download for windows, android.
    It uses the Android Lollipop kernel and runs only on computers with 64-bit technology. You also don’t need to install any driver as it will detect your PC or laptop automatically. However, OpenThos doesn’t include Playstore so you need to get that from a third-party site.

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  7. Remix OS lets you turn your mobile phone into a more versatile device. With its easy syncing functions, you can power up your mobile device and cleanly integrate it with your other technologies.
    Remix OS started out as a very promising Android OS for computers but the developers (jide) stopped maintaining it. However you can still download the software and check it out, although it uses the codebase of the old Android Marshmallow 6.0 version (based on Android-x86).

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  8. Run Android on your PC.
    Fernando, if you have a problem with Bliss OS, I would recommend to try out the Android-x86 OS. Check this here:

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  9. Operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android
    Although LineageOS is mostly installed on smartphones and tablets by users, it can also be installed and run on Windows or Linux PCs. Here is a video showing how to install it on a PC and dual-boot with Windows 10

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  10. KOPLAYER is a Best Free Android Emulator for pc, support multiple accounts, video recording & keyboard. It built on x86 Architecture, run faster and stability than BlueStacks.
    I recently download KoPlayer, but then KoPlayer tried to download many of malware, although we can disagree with that downloads, and at the end KoPlayer just download GenyMotion! And after I installed GenyMotion, it needs VirtualBox. What a waste of time.

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  11. This is an Android emulator for your computer.
    Genymotion is an Android emulator with pure simplicity and performance. All you have to do is three clicks and Genymotion is up and running. It integrates perfectly into your developer’s environment. Simply just pick from the list any mobile device that interests you. Then select the Android version to start testing.

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