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15 Best Koinly Alternatives 2022

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  1. Koinly is the easiest way to monitor your crypto activity & file your taxes.


    never ever dealt with a company like gemini before . TAXES... about about 16 hours ago:

    Have you tried or I don't know if they support Gemini. Crypto exchanges are weird with tax forms, doesn't make sense to me either but I think most of them only provide 1099misc. I'm probably not going to file anything crypto related with the IRS until crypto is actually regulated and exchanges create proper documentation.
  2. Ledgible Crypto Tax and Accounting platform provides tools for institutions, tax pros, and enterprises to monitor, report, and handle crypto.

  3. A crypto tax tool with a portfolio tracking platform

    one final loss harvest question about 3 months ago

    You can just sell the position with the highest cost basis! If you need to identify the position you acquired for $2.25, you can use a free tool like accointing from there it should be easy!
  4. BitGo is a security-as-a-service provider for Bitcoin and digital currency.

    Help Recover money lost to ibitgo365 scam. about 9 months ago is a clone of the original website I wrote to and they told me that ibitgo is not affiliated with them and it is a clone. I was unfortunate to fall victims to their tricks. I was desperate to recover my money from orewallet scam. In a bid to get a fast resolution I searched on telegram and foudn ibitgo365. They promised that within a few days I can get money back through...
  5. Keep track of your crypto portfolio & taxes in one place

    Hey guys, found this resource for bitpanda users and thought... about 9 months ago

    Maybe if you don't know it already give it a try :) blockpit.
  6. Filing your crypto taxes has never been easier!

    Ethereum staking rewards trackers about 16 days ago

    Hi Stakers. What rewards tracking app/service could you recommend? I tried and but unfortunately they don't satisfy my needs. I'm trying to solve the following problems:.
  7. Automated IRS tax calculation & forms for crypto investors

    freemium $69.0 / Annually ("Hobbyist", "Up to 100 Transactions", "Up to $15K asset value")

    If you are mining as a company (LLC in my case) How are you... about 12 months ago

    I have an exchange account for both the business and personal. I keep both accounts separate, which is a little annoying. All coins are mined into software wallets that I move weekly to the exchange. (This is to avoid burning up hardware wallets that don't like complex transactions). I also use two accounts (one for each business and personal) to track taxes/mining/sales/etc... Currently selling a...
  8. Crypto taxes made easy. TurboTax for cryptocurrency.

    Anyone recommend decent transaction software for SmartBCH (US)? about 12 months ago

    Have you checked out TokenTax?
  9. Making your crypto taxes easier with support for over 600 integrations. Covers NFTs, DeFi & DEX trading. Backed by AirTree Ventures, Coinbase Ventures and 20VC.

  10. An intelligent, easy-to-use crypto tax solution, Cointelli lets you take care of everything in one place and save on your taxes.

    Free Trial $49.0 / Annually

    How have you been doing your crypto taxes? about 8 months ago

    I used for the defi csv's and pulled everything through Cointelli. a lot less expensive than giving a CPA raw transaction files.
  11. Calculate & file tax reports for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Made for traders and investors.

    freemium $49.0 / Annually (Hodler (100 transactions))

    Why doesn’t snowtrace csv export show the price at time of txn? about over 1 year ago:

    I was waiting on to incorporate Avalanche, but then someone mentioned I'm looking into it as an automated transaction compiler for tax purposes.
  12. TaxBit is an advanced intelligence-based platform that allows getting the detailed overview of tax reports by interacting with digital cryptocurrency rates like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BlockFi, Coinbase, Gemini, and many more with easy-to-use exchanging …

    Is it legal for US persons to buy or own $IMX? about 5 months ago:

    Yes, you can own IMX in the US. Use or to track your transactions and taxes due for the US.
  13. Smarter Cryptocurrency Accounting

  14. Easily trade cryptocurrencies on 20+ exchanges and sleep safe knowing we can't access your funds

    Platforms with trailing stop about over 1 year ago

    I don't know if they have trailing stop because I haven't used it but you can see all the exchanges' price and trade on Atani .
  15. Unlock the benefits of holding digital assets with the first finance platform designed specifically to manage cryptocurrency tax, accounting, and compliance.

  16. Cloud-based accounting solution for SMBs