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15 Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives 2023

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  1. Vanced is a modded version of YouTube with many features such as adblocking and background playback

    Lex Fridman Podcast #367 – Sam Altman about 2 days ago:

    Https:// Ad free, plays videos in background and after closing screen.
  2. Our mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world.

    Rodney Dangerfield shows off his dance moves about about 1 hour ago

    I love the magic that the Bell Bros create! They are next level geniuses when it comes to rotoscoping and video editing. Source: Other stuff:
  3. NewPipe is a lightweight YouTube front-end for Android.

    Which FOSS project do you recommend donating to and why? about over 1 year ago:

    The Newpipe project provides de-googled Android phones with an alternative to Google's proprietary Youtube app. On top of stopping tracking by the website, it also adds tons of great features not present in the original app (download, background playback, locally-stored subscriptions and playlists, skipping silence in videos).
  4. FreeTube is an open source desktop YouTube player built with privacy in mind.

    Could It Be Any More Obvious Than That? about 12 days ago

    Yeah, I feel you on not using google. I use a vpn and freetube, its a free youtube client/proxy, where you can DL/watch videos privately, and subscribe to channels without login into youtube/google and watch/browse anonymously. Freetube, You can copy the link and paste it in freetube if you like. Just an alternative.
  5. Open-source YouTube video player for Android.

    What are some apps you use that are not on Playstore and... about 9 months ago

    SkyTube is an open source app that's trying to replace Vanced. It's not very good yet, but I'm keeping my eyes on it.
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  7. Minitube is a YouTube desktop application.

    YouTube confirms that it has removed the “sort by... about 5 months ago:

    In regards to alternative Youtube clients. Not sure if it fits your requirements but I've used MiniTube which is pretty decent:
  8. Beautiful, functional and fast Youtube Client

    ymusic about 6 months ago

    Songtube, amazing app, UI is way better Https://
  9. Snaptube Official Website - Get the newest Snaptube apk and free download music and HD video from YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion and Instagram, etc.

    What are some good movies or series that I could watch on a... about about 1 year ago

    Btw if you're on Android and don't have YT+ you can use Snaptube to download
  10. An alternative frontend for YouTube, for Android.

  11. Free premium app for Android boxes and tvs

    I was wasting too much time on YouTube so made a tool that... about 4 days ago

    On Android TV or Google TV, it can be used on 3rd party YouTube app (Smart Tube TV
  12. A simple FOSS video streaming client aimed to recreate ALL features from their respective apps (and more).

  13. An alternative YouTube frontend using the API.

    Alternatives to youtube vanced about about 1 year ago:

    Piped, Invidious, and ViewTube are all YT clients which:.
  14. Fast, browser-based media player for YouTube.

  15. VidMate is an HD video downloader for the Android smartphone users that is designed for downloading YouTube videos.

  16. Invidious is an alternative front-end to YouTube.

    Remember the POV video of the Ukrainian 'Rambo' fighting off... about about 11 hours ago