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10 Best Open Source Firebase Alternatives

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  1. Firebase is a cloud service designed to power real-time, collaborative applications for mobile and web.

    I was so disappointed YouTube removed the dislike counts that... about 7 days ago:

    They’re using Firebase which afaik only has a NoSQL store, but it has an easy way to filter queries. They use ReactJS on the frontend, the sourcemaps are included so you can see all the code from the sources tab in devtools.
  2. Build applications faster with object and file storage, user authentication, push notifications, dashboard and more out of the box.

    How to set up a Parse Server backend with Typescript about 6 months ago

    Parse Server is a great way to quickly spin up a backend for your project. Parse is a Node based utility that sits on top of ExpressJS.
  3. Low code backend to build apps faster and scale easily.

    freemium $25.0 / Monthly

    Where to host a node/postgres/Redis app? about 2 months ago

    I'm using which is a cloud service for parse server, you can fire cloud code using node. Recently they introduce containers, but I didn't use it.
  4. JavaScript library for app development using cloud services

  5. Free and open source backend as a service on-premises for IoT and mobile apps with advanced functionalities: real-time pub/sub, fast search and geofencing

    Looking for an IOT Platform (Realtime, low latency) about 9 months ago

    You can try, the platform is a highly scalable Node.js application and include it's own realtime engine in C++.
  6. Document-Oriented NoSQL Database

    Couchbase Capella Hosted Database Free Trial Available about over 1 year ago

    I think the URL is linked from or
  7. Build truly native apps with JavaScript

    Mobile App Development for both iOS and Andriod about 2 months ago

    There is also which would allow you to use Vue (or several other frameworks) to build a mobile app. Used it myself a while back for an iPad app using Vue 2 and it was pretty straightforward. It seems like there have been quite a few improvements since then so might be worth a look.
  8. A fast, reactive, client-side database

    What did I do to deserve a JavaScript database? about 8 months ago

    For anyone who wants to not only make jokes but actuall learn something, I recommend to start with exploring the github repo:
  9. Build beautiful native apps in record time 🚀

    Patterns: Exhaustiveness, Unconditionality, and Remainder about 6 days ago

    Other way around. Dart is a generic programming language. Flutter is the UI framework built with Dart.
  10. A highly extensible Node.js and TypeScript framework for building APIs and microservices.

    Looking for resources to learn backend only stuff with... about about 2 months ago

    Backend is usually an API you design, can simply use Rails for this, basic Express.js or some framework like if you want javascript otherwise you want 'system design' for all the load balancers/dbms if that's what you mean.
  11. SashiDo is the Parse Alternative for busy people.