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Why do you hate us, Microsoft? Biggest mistake was "upgrading" to Windows 11 in the first place

QTTabBar KDE Plasma Desktop Shell context menu manager ShareX SoundSwitch ModernFlyouts
  1. QTTabBar is an extension for Windows Explorer that brings tabbed browsing to Microsoft's file...

    #File Manager #FTP Client #File Explorer 30 social mentions

  2. Plasma Workspaces is the umbrella term for all graphical environments provided by KDE.
    KDE manages it just fine, and it is literally written by volunteers. No reason a multibillion dollar company can't do it, stop giving michealsoft the benefit of the doubt.

    #Linux #Operating Systems #Desktop Environments 66 social mentions

  3. Powerful and lightweight context menu manager for Windows File Explorer.
    • Open Source

    #Monitoring Tools #Cloud Storage #CRM 24 social mentions

  4. 4
    ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen...
    • Open Source
    Everything with EverythingToolbar - for finding folders really quickly Ueli - a keystroke launcher ShareX - much better alternative to the snipping tool imo Microsoft PowerToys - a bunch of cool features from Microsoft that aren't implemented in windows KDE Connect - a way to connect your smartphone and computer and not use Microsoft's Link to Windows tool (I've had some times where the windows versions of this app wouldn't recognize anything, your experience may vary).

    #Screenshots #Screenshot Annotation #Image Annotation 272 social mentions

  5. Easily manage the brightness of your monitors in Windows from the system tray.
    • Open Source
    TwinkleTray, to control display brightness on desktop displays like you can on laptops.

    #Work Management #Color Temperature Adjuster #Time Tracking 21 social mentions

  6. SoundSwitch makes it easier to switch playback devices (sound cards).
    • Open Source
    SoundSwitch control audio out/inputs with profiles set to hotkeys. I have pageup= speakers and an empty mic input, pagedown= headset and mic. The tray icon shows the current profile's device icon so I changed them in windows sound->playback->properties to show it like this.

    #Social Networks #Social & Communications #Screenshots 40 social mentions

  7. An open source, modern, and Fluent Design-based replacement for the old Metro-themed flyouts present in Windows 10.
    • Open Source
    Modern​Flyouts for better looking flyouts for volume and media.

    #Work Management #Time Tracking #Color Temperature Adjuster 18 social mentions

  8. TaskbarX gives you control over the position of your taskbar icons.
    TaskbarX for taskbar customization. TaskbarXI for Win11.

    #Note Taking #LMS #Productivity 86 social mentions

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