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What are things that you swear by for growth?

Recommended and mentioned products

  1. Unbounce lets marketers build, publish and test landing pages without IT or software. A/B testing and lead gen make it a powerful marketing tool.

    Nail down the exact experience you’d like customers to have any time they come into your business (social media, inside your website, hearing about your business through word of mouth, etc.). These nuanced marketing funnel details will make for a strong brand. I use Unbounce ( ) for testing the design of landing pages for each type of funnel, and Google Optimize...
  2. Save time by eliminating repetitive typing

    Take control of your time. Read up on time blocking, I use the pomodoro technique where for every 25 minutes of deep work, I take a 5-minute break. Set up do not disturb periods on your phone. Also, get rid of all repetitive typing. I use Text Blaze ( snippets, it’s highly underrated and is saving me hours of time that I was earlier wasting on responding to email and typing the same things...