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  1. Mudlet is a freshly-minted MUD client, designed to take mudding to a new level.

  2. Xonotic is a free (GPL), fast-paced first-person shooter that works on Windows, OS X and Linux.

    Xonotic, one of many FOSS arena shooters, the continuation of Nexuiz, with good graphics and fun gameplay.
  3. Join "The Project" to restore humanity's synaptic-link technology after nuclear war...

    Warzone 2100, a post-nuclear 3D RTS that is a lost of fun, originally a commercial game ~20 years ago but it has been fully FOSS since 2008.
  4. A multiplayer voxel RPG. Inspired in games such as Cube World, Breath of the Wild, Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft.

    Veloren, a 3D exploration / survival game heavily inspired by cube world (but it's much better).
  5. Flare (Free Libre Action Roleplaying Engine) is a simple game engine built to handle a very...