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Uncertain about Godot vs. Unity

Recommended and mentioned products

  1. Extensive guide through fragment shaders with live coding examples

    Technical art can be another option. Shaders can breathe life into your game no matter what the assets are. They're scripts that run on the GPU and change how things are rendered. It's a lot different from regular programming, but once you get the hang of it you can make some cool stuff in Godot. I would highly recommend reading The Book of Shaders if you want to learn more. It makes the concepts really easy to...
  2. A site dedicated to sharing artwork & other assets for game development.

    Using art packs is absolutely a viable option, especially when you're starting out and learning workflows. Kenney assets are absurdly high quality and most of them are free, you can also look at assets people put on OpenGameArt. There's other places to find stuff as well, but those will be a good start. Using these assets is nice because it helps you get a good looking game quickly, which is great motivation to...