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5 best TrueCrypt alternatives to encrypt your data today

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  1. TrueCrypt is a leading cross-platform that provides encryption tools that allow you to migrate any encrypted data to virtual disks images on your systems.

  2. VeraCrypt is a free open source disk encryption software for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

  3. BitLocker is a full disk encryption feature included with Windows Vista and later.

  4. DiskCryptor is the only truly free solution, provided under GNU General Public License (GPLv3)...

  5. CipherShed is a program that can be used to create encrypted files or encrypt entire drives...

  6. AxCrypt - Password Protect Files With Strong Encryption. AxCrypt is the leading open source file encryption software for Windows.

    Client side encryption for OneDrive about about 1 year ago:

    With regard to encryption tools, I use AxCrypt, which is cross-platform, but isn't free in that form. It would though encrypt each file in-place, without need for a dedicated folder or vault and encrypted file will sync with OneDrive, via the standard sync client. It would also allow you to share encrypted files with others, without giving them your encryption password.