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Those making $500/month on side projects in 2023 – Show and tell

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    macOS native application for smart link handling

    #Project Management #Website Testing #Webapp Testing 8 social mentions

  2. T9 keyboard for iOS
    I wanted to give swift a try when it came out in 2014. I created the keyboard I know you all miss on the iPhone, and it's been doing quite great since.

    #Task Management #Todos #Productivity 3 social mentions

  3. High-quality affordable flashcards. Learn the most useful sentences and vocabulary. No subscriptions. No locked levels. Actual language skills.
    I sell cheap but high-quality Anki decks for language learning: Created using a mix of automation (TTS, machine translation, etc.) and human reviews. Built it with a friend, making around $500 a month, very stable over the last couple of years. Spend 1 or 2 hours a month on it, mostly customer support.

    #Online Learning #Language Learning #Flash Cards 3 social mentions

  4. Scraping Fish is a super simple Web Scraping API. You send us a request - we return HTML. We use real browsers and rotating proxies underneath.
    • Paid
    • $2.0 / One-off (1,000 API requests)
    Scraping Fish - a web scraping API powered by custom-build, ethical, mobile proxy pool:

    #Data Extraction #Web Scraping #Web Scraping API 29 social mentions

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    Draw together on a nearly infinite canvas with your friends or with strangers.
    I made collaborative painting apps, and In the best months I made 800€+ in ad revenue from malmal but currently it's a lot less. I think there's potential to make a lot more though, although I'd like to stop showing ads and switch to some more predictable income model. I do have a patreon but it only brings in ~100€ per month. I could promote it more though.

    #Digital Drawing And Painting #Diagrams #Graphic Design Software 4 social mentions

  6. The simplest way to manage and plan hybrid working, See who's working at home, in the office, offsite or on holiday. Keep track of office numbers, book hot desks and sync it all to Outlook, Teams or Google.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • £1.0 / Monthly (£1 per user per month, £10 per user per year.)
    I built in a lock down as a way for my remote team to see when people are on holiday, going to site, or wfh. Since then it’s grown to include other features like desk booking and PTO approvals. But at it’s all been built around the core concept of seeing when your colleagues are working and where they’re planning on working from.

    #Productivity #Project Management #Digital Asset Management 4 social mentions

  7. Visual organizer for your physical tools.
    Https:// - Digital organizer for your physical tools. I used to have a hard time keeping my shop organized, so I jumped in and came up with a solution that has worked for me so far and perhaps might help you. The idea is you use the digital artboard to visualize your tools on the wall and then buy the holders to mount it on your workshop wall. There seems to be a growing overlap between programming and woodworking for whatever reason. I could go on about the similarities, but after hours of staring at the screen, we sometimes want to make things with our hands and woodworking helps me do that. If you're looking to get started, I can't recommend visiting a local makerspace enough. PS also on Etsy if that's your thing:

    #eCommerce #Garage #Organizer 1 social mentions

  8. The fastest way to browse, search, and manage videos on your computer. Like YouTube for videos on your computer!
    • Open Source
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $5.0 / One-off
    Created <i>Video Hub App</i> (that will be 5 years old next month). I sell it for $5 and $3.50 of each purchase goes to the <i>cost-effective</i> charity <i>Against Malaria Foundation</i> (See <i></i> for details). It was averaging around 100 purchases per month, though it's lower over the last year as I've not had time to release new updates (moving to another state is challenging). - Think of it like YouTube for videos on your computer. Browse, search, and organize your videos MIT Open Source: <a href=""></a>.

    #Video #File Manager #Video & Movies 21 social mentions

  9. Hadith Nawawi is an Islamic Android App that is designed with the purpose to enlighten the heart and souls of Muslims around the globe with the authentic teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
    • Open Source
    Https:// brings around $500/mo (advertising revenue). I started making this PWA in 2016 and I’ve been slowly adding to it over time. I intend it to stay minimal & lightweight. Fun fact: because it is so lightweight, it was included in the Moya app (<a href=""></a>), a popular messaging app in South Africa that is “data-free” for users (it uses reverse-billing). Now half of players are South Africans.

    #Mobile Apps #Religion #Web Search 1177 social mentions

  10. Simply provision, deploy, and manage servers, websites, and apps
    • Paid
    I was pretty depressed at work a while ago and to take my mind off I made a desktop app for provisioning bring your own servers, creating sites, and deploying web apps. It was free. Fast forward a few years and a coworker joined me and we made a cloud version of it. It is doing ok but yet pay for two of us full time. However, we looooove working on it and helping customers esp. With their deployment issues. It is seriously more fun than our jobs that pay handsomely.

    #VPS Hosting #Product Deployment #Build And Deployment Automation 34 social mentions

  11. Message queue as service.
    I acquired a side hustle in late 2022. It’s doing $1k/month. I’ve been enjoying it so far. Basic queues using http as input and http output.

    #Sales Automation #Lead Management #Marketing Automation 4 social mentions

  12. Delete thousands of your tweets in one go —Well beyond the 3200 limit.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $9.0 / One-off (Basic license (advanced $19, premium $39))
    Twitter Archive Eraser ( makes ~3K USD per month. I don't do any active work on it any longer for the past 2 years or so, other than the small bug fixes/when Twitter changes the archive format. Bracing for a shutdown to the API soon anyway. Past submissions on how it used to bring in $7k per month and a few technical details: (June 2020), (Jan 2022).

    #Twitter #Productivity #Tech 2 social mentions

  13. Extract data from any website in seconds — download instantly, scrape in the cloud, or create an API.
    • Freemium
    • $30.0 / Monthly (6,000 credits)
    I'm making - a no-code web scraping tool. Saved up, quit my job and went all in...on a todo app. Needless to say it, that didn't go far, but it did teach me how to code. When I was close to broke (much too close) I pivoted to this product and finally gained traction and now it's doing well enough to be my main source of income. I'm kind of following the "1000 true fans" ethos that pops up here occasionally. There's a dedicated group of customers who really benefit from the easy and speed of the product and they're like my product team. I check in with them often, make sure they're happy and build features for them. Turns out, what they value other people value too, and so the product slowly but surely grows. Learning to code was honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made. Felt like gaining wings.

    #Web Scraping #API Tools #Scraper 18 social mentions

  14. 14
    Monetize your un-used domains and turn them into your own content aggregator with 0 code!
    I'm continuing with my project Newsy A modern take on domain parking. I have ~50 un-used domains. I wanted to make some good use out of them instead of just parking them. So I built Newsy to convert them into automated content aggregators.

    #Domains #Make Money #No Code 20 social mentions

  15. Guides, principles, strategies and tactics for Jr to Sr devs
    • Open Source
    Https:// - I did a livestream with stripe about it <a href=""></a> its 3 years old and still making 2-3k a month but I've gone from happy to guilty - I havent had any time to make updates to the book but I really want to and every single month that goes by that I don't I lose credibility. I'll still do it but its so hard to go back to something when my interests keep shifting.

    #Developer Tools #Tech #Education 8 social mentions

  16. 16
    See your Spotify stats, connect with 125k+ music fans, and discover new music.⠀ helps you experience Spotify in a totally new way.

    #Music #Spotify #Analytics 51 social mentions

  17. 17
    Get a nice-looking screenshot of any tweet.

    #Design Tools #Twitter #Note Taking 4 social mentions

  18. 18
    Take beautiful screenshots instantly
    • Freemium
    • $5.0 / Monthly
    I built a screenshot app for macOS and made ~$3k/mo from it :) People like the app for its ability to turn a normal boring screenshot into a beautiful one that they can share on social media instantly.

    #Design Tools #Screenshots #Productivity 6 social mentions

  19. Receive a free weekly report with a round-up of vulnerabilities and security news customized to your software stack.
    I built SecAlerts a few years ago. Fairly straight forward SaaS product to send email alerts on new vulnerabilities matched to customer software.

    #Vulnerability Scanner #Security #Security Monitoring 3 social mentions

  20. Create interactive dashboards and reports from your databases, APIs, and 3rd party services. Supporting MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Firestore,, and more. Chartbrew is 100% open source and can be self-hosted for free.
    • Open Source
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $49.0 / Monthly (10 dashboards and clients, unlimited connections & charts)
    I'm working part-time on my project It's an open-source data visualization and reporting platform that I started in 2018, I abandoned in 2019, then resumed working on it more seriously in 2020. Currently, the platform is doing $1,138 in MRR from then managed hosting service and has made over $11k in revenue so far. It's been growing steadily in the last few months but going through a rough Dec-Jan period at the moment. You can see the open page at Onwards and great job everyone at working to make side projects work for you!

    #Data Dashboard #Data Visualization #Business Intelligence 9 social mentions

  21. New layout, same great words about big tech
    I did a Show HN 4 months ago[1]. The reason I started KTool was to spend less time on computer screens, and more on e-ink Kindle. I was afraid of going blind. After 4 months improving KTool, it now becomes a tool to help you combat doom-scrolling. Instead of mindlessly scrolling the web, I deliberately send interesting articles to my Kindle. Recently, I added newsletter & RSS support, it's 100% automated now. My favorite source of content is Hacker News RSS[2], Stratechery[3], Indie Hacker Newsletters[4] and a few other Substack newsletters. I can enjoy reading HN latest stories or my fav authors' latest pieces on my Kindle without spending hours browsing on my computer. I just reached $620 MRR today (Jan 23) [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:

    #Social Networks #News #Email Marketing 28 social mentions

  22. Send web articles, blog posts and newsletters to your Kindle. Sync notes and highlight automatically.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $4.5 / Monthly (Starter)
    I built KTool ( — it allows you to forward web articles, newsletters and RSS feeds to your Kindle. ---.

    #Reading #eBook Reader #eBook Manager 33 social mentions

  23. A modern, lightweight and multi-cluster desktop client for Kubernetes. Connect to multiple clusters simultaneously as if it was just one big cluster. View logs and manage all your resources from your machine!
    • Open Source
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $9.9 / Monthly (per device)
    I have two projects, combined doing ~€1500/mo - an open source alternative to UserVoice. I started this one 6 years ago to learn Go and React. I’ve seen thousands of instances out there being self hosted, so I started a cloud hosting to those who don’t want to manage it themselves. - Desktop Client for Kubernetes. This is very recent, launch was 2 weeks ago, so it’s only starting to get some traction now. I’m leaving my job to go full time indie hacker now, wish me luck!

    #Developer Tools #Kubernetes #DevOps Tools 9 social mentions

  24. A free tool to quickly convert screenshots into beautiful website and device mockups. You can create customizable images for App Store, Instagram, and more
    • Open Source
    Being a designer, I share my experiments in UI and design on Twitter and some other sites. To present designs, I used to beautify them in Figma. This was a routine process where I would open Figma, create a gradient background for my design, add shadows, rounded corners etc. And export the image in correct size, so if i’m to share it on Dribbble I would export it in Dribbble size, for Twitter the size is different this whole process used to take like 20 to 30 minutes easily. So I built an app to do all of that for me quickly it started as a hobby, open-source and free to use project which I was building in public on my twitter(@thelifeofrishi). In a matter of time I started getting DMs on Twitter for feature requests I remember a founder of a company wanted to have a certain feature, we discussed that and in the end I asked whether he would be happy paying for that feature, to which he said yes. I added the requested feature in 2 days and got back to him, he instantly purchased annual subscription and started using Pika. That was in February, 2022 fast forward to today, almost an year later, Pika now has 150+ paid users and makes $1,500+ in revenue each month. i’ve turned it from just a screenshot beautifying tool to a tool to design very customisable mockups and images. You can use it to generate images for your website, app, code, tweet etc. And to keep it more accessible, it has a free tier which doesn’t even require registration to use i’ve also added a plan just for students and teachers so they can use Pika’s paid fearures at a very discounted subscription fee if you’re a programmer, marketer, designer, no coder or work in the tech industry, I think you’ll definitely find Pika useful :).

    #Design Tools #Screenshots #Mockups 3 social mentions

  25. Use AI to generate images in Notion
    Https:// (subscription) - wanted to do something with stable diffusion - this was the most useful one for me (since I am using Notion a lot) Working on now.

    #Design Tools #AI #AI Art Generator 3 social mentions

  26. You are given a Worlde pattern and the solution word.
    Https:// (mostly via ads) - made a few weeks after mathle.

    #Puzzle Games #Games #Entertainment 1 social mentions

  27. Focus and structure your time effectively, every day.
    I'm working on a timer app, and is now up to ~$2k/mo! - It's taught me a lot about the non-technical side of building a product. Very fulfilling from a personal growth perspective.

    #Productivity #Project Management #Time Tracking 3 social mentions

  28. Airbnb for Musicians.
    • Open Source
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    Not $500/month yet, but I'm already having a few paying customers: NoisyCamp is a platform for music studios to manage their reservations. It also helps musicians to find place to rehearse.

    #Music #Online Bookings #Online Venue Booking 6 social mentions

  29. A free & anonymous startup acquisition marketplace
    I used in this case. I looked at maybe 80 companies just from the surface. Then inquired about 15-20 of them for more details. After about a week of thinking, zeplo wouldn’t leave my mind. There was one other close contender but zeplo was more present in my mind and had better metrics. From there it was letter of intent, due diligence, asset agreement, escrow, and asset transfer. Hopefully this helps.

    #Startups #Online Marketplace #Web App 135 social mentions

  30. 30
    The code visualizer you wished for
    2 years ago I made a code visualization tool called Codemap,, which visualizes function calls in any codebase as a graph, to give the software engineers a high-level understanding of their code. Last year I noticed its user sign-ups are ticking up quickly, acquiring hundreds of users in a few months, so I decided to redesign the app and add more language supports (now supporting Typescript, Javsacript, Python, Ruby, and Go. It's a combination of a desktop app (to parse your local codebase) and a web app (to visualize the graph). Users pay a small price to unlock the full graph, otherwise the graph is capped at 100 nodes, which allows users to fully try out the product before committing to pay for it.

    #Job Boards #Hiring And Recruitment #Hosted Job Boards 4 social mentions

  31. 31
    Xpiks is a free keywording and uploading tool for microstock contributors that works with photos, vectors and videos.
    I made a cross platform desktop app for people who upload their photos and videos to microstock agencies called Xpiks ( Initially I was selling one-off forever licenses but last year started moving them to subscription. So far progress is steady and I keep working on it. The app is made in C++/Qt and I’m looking for people who might be interested to join.

    #DevOps Tools #Developer Tools #Puzzle 3 social mentions

  32. Automate any workflow on any website with no code. Used for monitoring, testing, automation, and data aggregation. Sign up now for free and receive 2x jobs per month – forever!
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    I started making Browse AI ( about 3 years ago. Quit my job soon after and focused on it full-time when I had savings enough for 2 years of my living expenses. The next 1.5 years were intense. I learned to have better and more conversations with users (we'd crash and burn if I hadn't come across a book called The Mom Test) and we went through several positioning pivots. As I was running out of money, I launched on ProductHunt and got decent initial traction and a group of angels who found us there and invested ~$300k. Then we started making revenue...

    #Automation #Automated Testing #Website Monitoring 8 social mentions

  33. Find jobs in the Space industry. In engineering, software development, marketing, sales, and more! Work for the best space companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic. Help humanity travel to other planets!

    #Job Boards #Tech Jobs #Engineers 36 social mentions

  34. 34
    Listen to websites as you would listen to podcasts.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $4.0 / Monthly (Standard Plan (3,000 credits/month))
    - - convert all text to audio and listen as a podcast.

    #Web App #AI #Podcast 1 social mentions

  35. Healthy eating made easy. Custom meal planning app with simple 15 minute, 5 ingredient recipes and a range of diets.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $8.0 / Monthly
    I've got a few Free blog setup service to help people star their own blog → Meal Planning web app & service → Mobility training and exercises →

    #Health And Fitness #Web App #Cooking 1 social mentions

  36. Step-by-Step Guide for 2017
    I've got a few Free blog setup service to help people star their own blog → Meal Planning web app & service → Mobility training and exercises →

    #Blogging #Decentralized Social Network #CMS 2 social mentions

  37. Personalized mobility trainer inside your mobile device. Get stronger, recover faster and MoveWell.
    I've got a few Free blog setup service to help people star their own blog → Meal Planning web app & service → Mobility training and exercises →

    #Health And Fitness #iPhone #Meditation 1 social mentions

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