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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (November 2021)

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    Record high-quality content for your startup remotely
    Welder | Front End Software Engineer | Prague, Czech Republic | Remote, FULL-TIME | We are looking for somebody who is fun to be around and is an talented engineer. Startup or freelance experience is a big bonus. We are on a journey of building a single place to stream, record and repurpose online content. Yeah it's that simple cause we like simple things that make sense. It's a challenge because we like to move fast, focus on things that solve problems for our users and help us grow. Up for a challenge & a lot of fun or want to know more about us? Hit me up on email. Will be grateful for recommendation and shares. Some details Required technologies: React, Typescript, Mobx, Webpack.

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  2. Increase business agility, innovate across new business models. Build your commerce architecture of the future with the most flexible commerce API solution.

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  3. Data visualization & Monitoring with support for Graphite, InfluxDB, Prometheus, Elasticsearch and many more databases
    • Open Source
    Grafana Labs | Backend Engineers, Frontend Engineers, Engineering Managers, Senior Backend Engineers | Remote Global | Full-Time | Remote | You know us, we make the Grafana dashboard you use to observe your systems and business. We also work on Prometheus, Cortex, Loki, Tempo, a SaaS offering, an Enterprise offering. We're well-funded and have a long list of customers whose brands your family recognise. We are OSS, AGPL and CNCF. We are hiring globally in full-time remote roles. Note: The entire company has been remote first forever and our founders are on multiple continents, this is not something we are learning - this is who we are. We are looking for engineers at all levels, wherever you are. But specifically right now we are hiring in the Americas and APAC. It doesn't matter where you are in those time zones. If you cannot see something on that page that you identify as... Apply to the nearest role and describe what you are looking for in your cover letter as we do read them all.

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  4. A utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces.
    • Open Source
    Our main product is a web app and worker cluster built using Next.js & React. We build our components with Tailwind (, and we use hooks & react-query for state management. Our backend is a Node.js / Express app. We use Redis and Postgres for storage, and we use Prisma ( as our data access layer. Our infrastructure is built on Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS.

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  5. Prisma helps modern applications access and manipulate data through a unified data layer
    • Open Source
    Our main product is a web app and worker cluster built using Next.js & React. We build our components with Tailwind (, and we use hooks & react-query for state management. Our backend is a Node.js / Express app. We use Redis and Postgres for storage, and we use Prisma ( as our data access layer. Our infrastructure is built on Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS.

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  6. 1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $36.0 / Annually
    1Password ( | Multiple Positions | Full-Time | Remote (Canada, NL, UK, US) | Rust, Swift, Kotlin, Go, etc. About the team: 1Password is building the future of password management for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and your browser! Over 100,000 businesses and millions of people use 1Password to protect their most important information. We’re a kind, curious, and customer-focused team on a mission to build the world's most-loved password manager and give people more control over their data. Where to apply: Job to highlight: Senior Mobile Developer, Apple (

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  7. Citationsy is a reference tool to create citations, reference lists, and bibliographies.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $4.99 / Monthly (Optional Pro Account)
    Citationsy | Front-End and Back-End Developer | Remote | Full-time or Part-Time | Citationsy is a reference management and research app. We have raised a small seed round and are looking to expand our team. We are currently a fully remote team of two and are looking for ambitious frontend and backend developers (or full-stack developers) to join us. Our current stack is PHP for the backend and frontend, with some basic JS for interactivity.

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  8. Unlimited music for video
    Soundstripe | Full Stack Software Engineer | Remote (US) | ---- My team is looking to hire a full stack software engineer to build the best platform to Keep Creators Creating. You would ideally have some experience with Ruby/Rails/React, but we're firm believers that languages can be learned. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, email is in my profile.

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  9. Celsius Network lets you earn interest on your crypto and instantly borrow against it. No fees ever
    Celsius Network | DeFi Deployment Engineer | Tokyo, Sofia or REMOTE | Full time |

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  10. Mapping the crypto community using mathematics
    Borg Collective - Hive.One | Multiple Positions | Full-time | Remote (Berlin) | Borg Collective is building the API for finding movers and shakers in any online community. We analyze data from Twitter (more sources coming soon) to find real subject matter experts that are trusted by their communities and provide it freely on Eventually we envision an internet where separating noise and fake news from gems in online conversations is effortless based upon our technology. We are hiring for following roles:.

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    Data ethics meets design
    Metomic | London UK | Full-Time, Remote-OK (UK Hours) | | £75-£110k Metomic helps companies discover and control their sensitive data footprint across their cloud applications. We're an engineering first, data driven company looking to change the way companies manage and protect their sensitive data. We're looking for a range of front and backend engineers to help us scale out the platform. We're looking for individuals who are pragmatic, value good communication, respect and innovation. Frontend:

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  12. ProcedureFlow is a cloud-based knowledge management product that helps employees become experts faster.
    ProcedureFlow | Frontend Developer (React), Full Stack .NET Developer | REMOTE in Eastern Canada | Full-Time | ProcedureFlow is a platform for your company's procedures inspired by the way you work. We're like GitHub but for visual procedures. We have change requests, everyone can have a "draft" branch, a side-by-side diff view of the flows, etc. ProcedureFlow has great customers that consider us vital to their business. We have ambitious goals and need your help. We've grown 600% in the last 4 years, we've more than doubled our revenue and staff in the last year, and we recently raised $2.9 million in Series A funding. Top 3 complex problems we're working on solving: 1. GitHub for visual procedures; versioning a knowledge graph.

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  13. No-code storefront builder for Shopify
    Alchemy Commerce | San Francisco/NY or within 3 TZ | Alchemy (YC S21) is bridging the code gap, and making it easier for developers and their teams to collaborate and iterate on the web — starting with e-commerce We just closed our seed round from Infinity, Base Case Capital, MAGIC and the founders of NextJS, Fast Co, etc Tech: Javascript, React, NextJS, Python, Django. Looking to hire the best engineers and designers who are tired of working on CRUD apps Open Positions: Founding Designer Founding Frontend Engineer Founding Full Stack (Web) Engineer Check out or email yuxin (AT) if you're interested in jamming (:.

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    Build, deploy and host your static site or app with a drag and drop interface and automatic delpoys from GitHub or Bitbucket
    Netlify | Full-time | Remote in North America, Europe, Africa | Netlify is a web developer platform that multiplies productivity. By unifying the elements of the modern decoupled web, from local development to advanced edge logic, Netlify enables a 10x faster path to much more performant, secure, and scalable websites and apps. Our bet on the Jamstack is quickly coming true. The web is rapidly changing away from monolithic to decoupled apps, and web developers are storming ahead with more power than ever. Netlify is built to cater to that movement, and in just a few years we’ve on-boarded more than a million and a half businesses and developers, and are building and serving millions of web projects daily around the globe. We’re hiring for:.

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  15. Career Karma is an app that helps you to land a dream career in the tech profession by using your smartphones.
    Career Karma (YC W19) | | REMOTE in Ukraine | Long term contract Career Karma is the easiest way to find a job training program online. We help over 1 million workers navigate their careers every month through advice and coaching. Based in San Francisco, we're growing a community of peers, mentors and coaches that helps people land a dream career. Behind every great software company is the team building it. We are an engineering team of multicultural, highly collaborative, fully distributed, humble learners, working out of Ukraine. We obsess over delivering a magical experience to all of the users. We pride ourselves on building best-in-class products powered by innovative technologies. And, we're growing quickly. We're looking to fill positions in these roles: - Senior Front-End Developer (React JS):

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  16. Playbook is a visual cloud storage platform for creatives. Playbook stores, automatically tags, and organizes your files. Sign up today and get 4TB storage.
    Playbook ([]( | Software and Infrastructure Engineer | San Francisco or Remote (US timezones +/- 1 hour) The tools for keeping track of creative work haven't gotten an update since Dropbox launched. You wouldn't expect the creative process to involve hours of digging through folders and files, but it does, and we're here to change that. Playbook is a visual cloud storage platform for creatives. Whether you're a designer, marketer, photographer, or artist, your tools should help you stay in flow. Your current and past work should be right at your fingertips, and it should be a snap to bring in collaborators or share your projects with the world. We're a small team of 8, growing quickly and looking for help as we scale. We're hiring generalist software engineers (2+ years exp) and a senior infrastructure-focused software engineer. Our stack is Rails/React/GraphQL/Postgres. More here: Email me directly to apply or ask any questions!

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    Slab is a knowledge hub for the modern workplace. We help teams unlock their full potential through shared learning and documentation. Slab features a beautiful editor, blazing fast search, and dozens of integrations like Slack, GitHub, and G Suite.
    Slab | Software Engineer | REMOTE (Worldwide) | Full-time At Slab (, we're making the workplace a source of learning and purpose through knowledge-sharing. Our product helps teams easily create, organize, and discover knowledge across the entire company, from non-technical to tech-savvy. Our customers include Asana, Benchling, and Fivetran, who rely on Slab daily across their entire workforces. You'd be joining a team of thoughtful and experienced engineers, currently distributed across North America, Europe, and Asia. Stack: React, GraphQL, Elixir [1], Phoenix, Kubernetes Take a look at our open roles: Software Engineer - Infrastructure Engineer - Software Engineer, Support - If this piques your interest, email with your resume or LinkedIn with HN in the subject line! [1]: Why we use Elixir:

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  18. Elation Health is a professional software platform designed for the healthcare teams providing EHR, enterprise, and API, revenue cycle experiences, interoperability, patient experience, and more to add.
    Elation Health | Software Engineer, Platform Engineer & Data Engineer | REMOTE | At Elation we make tools for physicians and their patients that improve the efficiency and fidelity of their relationship, and help to make the delivery of excellent, proactive healthcare possible. Put bluntly we make the only Electronic Health Record system that physicians love, and empathy for our user as well as curiosity & context driven design is foundational to how we operate. Right now is a particularly challenging time for our healthcare systems and providers -- Elation offers an opportunity to work and innovate in support of those providers and their patients. I'm a leader in engineering @ Elation and we have development roles as well as have various openings across the of the organization which you can see here: Elation has been headquartered in San Francisco, though a large portion of our engineering team has always been remote, so we're hiring anywhere in continental US timezones. Tech stack is AWS/Python/Django/MySQL/ReactJS. Apply on the website if interested!

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  19. Simple REST API for commission-free stock trading
    • Open Source
    Alpaca (YC W19)| REMOTE| Full-time | Alpaca is democratizing global access to financial markets with our zero commission API-first stock brokerage. Since our launch in late 2018, our transaction volume and developer base has grown exponentially and we now have over $2 Billion in monthly trade volume. Our team went remote-first and we are spread across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and South-east Asia We went through Y Combinator W 2019 batch and are backed by top fintech investors including Tribe Capital, Spark Capital and Social Leverage. See Our stack is: Golang, Postgres, Kafka, RabbitMQ, React, Kubernetes, GCP. Current Openings: <pre><code> - Senior Software Engineers (Backend and Fullstack).

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  20. Grow and measure your community across any platform with Orbit, the community experience platform. Try Orbit for free!
    Orbit | Remote | US and Europe timezones | Full-time | Orbit is hiring multiple roles in engineering, product, and beyond! We're helping organizations build enthusiastic communities of technology adopters. Our community experience platform helps companies identify, measure, and improve their community members’ engagement, all while focusing on creating value instead of merely capturing it. We are former developer advocates and community builders ourselves, and now we’re creating the tools we wished we had so that others can build highly engaged communities of their own. We're backed by an amazing group of angels and investors including Coatue, Andreessen Horowitz, Heavybit, and Harrison Metal. We are a remote-first company operating between UTC-7 and UTC+3. Bonus points for being in France, US, or UK, but as long as you're in that time zone range, we're happy to talk. We're growing very fast and hiring across more than 10 roles, including but not limited to: * Software Engineer (Rails).

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    Code-search engine for developers
    • Open Source
    Bloop (YC S21) | | ML Engineer, Sr. Software Engineer | London / REMOTE | Full Time At bloop, we’re building an in-IDE code search engine to make it easy for software engineers to find and share code. Today developers spend too much time scouring library documentation and open-source repositories looking for useful code. Our neural search engine automates this menial process, freeing up time for developers to focus on the most enjoyable parts of the job. We do lots of:.

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  22. Encore is the backend development platform built on the belief that escaping complexity unleashes a higher state of creativity.
    • Open Source
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $99.0 / Monthly (Pro, per user)
    Encore | Engineers + UX Designers | Remote | Open-source | Full-time | Encore is the cloud development platform of the future. Modern software has moved to the cloud, but developer tools haven't adapted. We’re building the must-have dev tools of the future, to help developers create better products, faster. Help us redesign the day to day lives of developers to be more enjoyable and more productive. You get to work with open source, Go, static analysis, code generation, and building scalable distributed systems. Our team is still small, but we have big ambitions. We know that great ideas can come from anywhere and value discussions between people with diverse experiences and backgrounds. We believe the best products are built by combining data and educated intuition. We value builder time and favor asynchronous communication over constant disruptions. Hiring process: We respect your time. We’ll have a couple of chats to get to know each other, followed by a small work sample, and that’s it! * Senior Backend Engineer (Go/Open Source/gRPC/Nomad/GCP).

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  23. Reflect is automated web testing that anyone can use. It requires no code, and no installation. Record once, run anytime.
    • Freemium
    Reflect | Software Engineer | Onsite | Philadelphia, PA | Full-time | Reflect ( is a no-code testing platform for web applications. Developers and QA testers use Reflect to create end-to-end tests for their web apps, and we let them do it 10x-100x faster than traditional code-based tools. At Reflect, our goal is simple: to be the best platform for end-to-end testing web applications. We're hiring a Software Engineer to join our small, but growing, team in the Philadelphia, PA area. Your day-to-day responsibilities:.

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  24. 24
    Open source product analytics on your infrastructure.
    • Open Source
    PostHog is open-source product analytics. Graduated YC W20, we were the most popular B2B software HN launch since 2012. Our GitHub repo [0] has 4k stars and a growing and active community. We've raised significant funding with lots of runway and are growing quickly. We're 30 people and growing quickly. We're looking for a Developer Educator, Customer Success Manager and senior engineers. We have a culture of written async communication (see our handbook [1]), lots of individual responsibility and an opportunity to make a huge impact. Being fully remote means we're able to create a team that is truly diverse. We're based all over the world, and the team includes former YC founders, CTOs turned developers and recent grads. To apply see or email us [0] [1]

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  25. Credit marketplace for peer-to-peer lending
    LendingClub | UI, Mobile, Software Engineers, DevOps | Remote (with offices in SF, Utah, Boston, USA) | Full Time | LendingClub connects people with personal loans at great rates, to help pay down high-interest debt or consolidate credit card balances with a single monthly payment and no prepayment penalty. LendingClub recently obtained a bank charter through its acquisition of Radius Bank. We are poised for explosive growth through 2022 through the release of innovative products to help consumers on their road to financial health. We are looking for talented engineers to grow our team with product development and engineering roles across web and mobile (React/React Native), core services (Java/JS), devops (AWS, k8s) and data (Spark, Kafka, Snowflake). If you're interested, take a look through our careers list ( or contact directly.

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  26. Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from...
    • Open Source
    • Paid
    Metabase | | REMOTE | Full-time | All Roles We're hiring for multiple positions across the team. Metabase is open source analytics software that makes it easy to ask questions of your data. It works with most databases / data warehouses (BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake, Postgres, MySQL, etc) and has a simple and powerful UI and UX that lets anyone in your company ask their own questions.

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  27. Causal replaces your spreadsheets and slide decks with a better way to perform calculations, visualise data, and communicate with numbers. Sign up for free.
    Causal | Engineering | London (UK) or REMOTE | Causal is a human way to think and communicate with numbers. Our product is a number-crunching tool that's a bit like a spreadsheet and a bit like programming. Our vision is to be the de-facto way for anyone to work with numbers on a computer. We're very well-funded by some great investors across the US and Europe (Accel, Coatue, Naval Ravikant, Scott Belsky, and many more).

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  28. 28
    Wireless HDMI for everyone
    Airtame ( | Full-time, Copenhagen office or Fully Remote basis from Portugal, Romania, Hungary Airtame is a young Danish company that develops a wireless streaming product for businesses and education. We are based in windy Copenhagen but have offices in New York and Budapest. We are also open to hiring engineers based in Portugal and Romania on a fully remote basis. We're currently hiring: * Senior Platform Engineer (Embedded Software Development) - Remote from Romania, Portugal, Hungary ( Meet Airtame engineering team:

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  29. 29
    Replicate data in minutes with prebuilt & custom connectors
    • Open Source
    Airbyte | Engineering & Product | Remote | Full-Time | Airbyte is the new open-source data integration platform that runs in the safety of your cloud and syncs data from applications, APIs & databases to data warehouses, lakes and other destinations. In addition to offering a quickly increasing list of maintenance-free connectors, it makes building your own connectors trivial. Airbyte’s ambition is to make data integrations a commodity. Airbyte has multiple engineering and product openings across Platform & Connectors. We keep a very transparent handbook on culture, our roadmap, and much more! Jobs:

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  30. Melon is a powerful, free-to-get-started, & easy-to-use live streaming and recording studio that allows you to invite guests and go live + record instantly! Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, and Twitch or multi-stream to all same time
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $9.0 / Monthly (unlimited multistreaming, recording, receive donations, guests)
    - What we do today: make tools for live streamers who broadcast on Twitch/YouTube/Facebook/Tiktok + expanding to new content verticals (

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  31. Simple IP address information.
    • Open Source | Various Roles | Remote (Anywhere) | Fulltime / Contract | & IPinfo is a leading provider of IP address data. Our API handles over 40 billion requests a month, and we also license our data for use in many products and services you might have used.

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  32. Automate incident response, reduce downtime and enhance your tech teams’ delivery with a unified platform.
    • Freemium

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  33. Personal vet and honest pet insurance in your pocket
    Cooper Pet Care is a pet healthcare platform for pet parents of today. We're looking for an ambitious and energetic Head of Business Development to help us expand our distribution channels. You will be at the front of the company and will have the dedication to create and apply an effective sales strategy. You will work closely with company founders and will have a first-hand opportunity to shape and define the future of Cooper Pet Care. Apply at

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  34. 34
    Drop comment bubbles anywhere on the screen, on any website.
    Bubbles | Remote (US timezones) | Senior Full-stack Engineer | Full-time | Bubbles is enabling the world to work asynchronously by building the next generation communication platform. Rather than being stuck in Zoom all day and having to work around other people's schedules, Bubbles enables you to work on your own time and at your own pace while still having the context you need to discuss complex problems. With Bubbles' rich media messages containing face clips, audio messages, and screen recordings, you can show what you are talking about. Bubbles' asynchronous-first workflow lets you start and engage in video conversations at any time without having to schedule live calls. Bubbles' collaborative workflow creates a highly viral product loop, requires no sign-up, and is seeing strong organic growth. In fact, we were #1 on Product Hunt recently! We are currently looking to hire a Full Stack Engineer to join our founding team of five people. We're backed by some of the bay area's best VCs, from Ryan Hoover (Product Hunt) to Naval Ravikant (CEO Angellist!) and David Sacks (founding COO PayPal). Our stack is in Typescript + React.js + Serverless (AWS Lambda, Node JS, DynamoDB and Kinesis). Apply here:

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  35. Improve ML models by improving datasets they’re trained on
    Aquarium ( | Remote Only (North American Timezones) | Full Time Aquarium is an ML data management system that helps ML teams improve their models by improving their datasets. Aquarium uncovers problems in your dataset, then helps you edit or add data to fix these problems and optimize your model performance. We are looking for our first Product Manager and are also hiring for full-stack + backend engineer! More info available here:

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  36. Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed desktop computing service in the cloud.
    Amazon WorkSpaces -| Software Engineer | Bellevue | Onsite | Full Time The Amazon WorkSpaces team is looking for talented engineers to join us on our journey to reinvent the way enterprises do work. We are beginning a multi-year effort to reinvent the way we do resource management and capacity planning. This is an opportunity to join a new team on the ground floor and own designing and implementing brand new systems with massive scale and business impact. Our team owns critical, high availability distributed systems and we’re looking for motivated engineers to be a part of this effort. Experience or interest in machine learning is a plus. The WorkSpaces org is a great place to develop your career. This project will involve working with Principal and Senior engineers, many of whom have been with the team since the product was launched. We have a friendly and humble culture focused on growing our engineers and delivering big results for customers. Please apply below to learn more.

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  37. 37
    Helping mechanical engineers build great products faster
    GrabCAD/Stratasys | Senior Fullstack Ruby Engineer | Tallinn, Estonia | Onsite+Part Remote | Visa | Full-time GrabCAD ( is the largest online community of professional designers, engineers, manufacturers, and students to connect with 10 million members and share ideas and CAD models. We're looking for Senior Engineers to work on GrabCAD community/workbench products. Our codebase mainly use Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, PostgreSQL and is running on AWS. If you're interested, send an email to Raivo at

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  38. Continuous deployment cloud hosting
    • Open Source | REMOTE | Full-Time | is the end-to-end PaaS that enables you to build, run, and scale websites and web apps. We serve thousands of customers worldwide including The Financial Times, Gap, Magento Commerce, Orange, Hachette, Ikea, Stanford University, Harvard University and The British Council. We are the #1 momentum leader in Cloud PaaS according to G2 Recently, we bought! Here's how it works (get a free trial and go crazy): Pick a template from and customize it (add your assets, specify infra) as per Then push to your repo, BOOM! Magic happens and you have a working site that you can branch, test, customize, go-live. Dead simple, you don't need Kubernetes, just basic git knowledge. Tech stack is LXC with some Python awesomeness, Ceph and Gluster. Tooling is in Python and Go. We are multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, ...). What I love: • Lots of smart people from around the world • Work on interesting stuff • Great work-life balance (remote only company, you work on a contract, but get 20+ days paid vacation incl. Your national holidays) • Good comp package, pick your HW (Apple or Lenovo), get reimbursed for trainings and other stuff Join us

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  39. 39
    Open source data dashboarding
    • Open Source
    Meltano | All positions are full time and remote | (follow the code blocks on our website for a demo!) We're a seed stage startup that recently spun out of GitLab. A bit about us: Meltano is an open source DataOps platform that brings together best-in-class open source tools and technologies for the data lifecycle, including the Singer standard for data integration, dbt for transformation, Airflow for orchestration, and soon Superset for visualization. It simplifies configuration, deployment, and monitoring, and lets data teams benefit from DevOps best practices such as version control, code review, and CI/CD. Stack: Meltano and the Meltano SDK are written in Python. Vue.js (as part of VuePress) and Bulma CSS are used on the front end. Open Roles: - Backend Engineer.

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  40. Automated code reviews with static analysis.
    DeepSource | Bangalore & San Francisco | Fulltime | DeepSource is a fast and reliable static analysis platform for developers and engineering teams. We've various roles open across Platform Engineering, Language Engineering and Marketing -

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  41. 41
    Compare low RV Rental rates from top brands. Book & save big on RV Rentals near you direct from local owners. Best rates guaranteed.
    RVshare | Multiple engineering roles | Remote, US | Full-time | RVshare is the first and largest RV rental marketplace, with an expansive inventory ranging from luxury motorhomes to compact campers. RVs and motorhomes are a multi-billion dollar industry and every year, 40+ million people go on an RV trip. The majority of RVs in the United States go unused most of the year. RVshare connects travelers looking to experience an RV trip with RV owners interested in turning their RV into a source of income. The travel industry is growing and changing and it’s an exciting time to be a part of it. Our work environment is fun, collaborative, and data-driven. We take pride in our flexible workplace and trust employees to get their work done. Oh and great benefits including yearly RV vacation stipend! Some of the tech stack includes Rails, Ruby, Sidekiq, and React and NextJS with excellent tooling on top of AWS We are hiring for multiple roles on our Engineering Team>> - Software Engineer, Marketing - Full Stack Engineer - Senior Full Stack Engineer - iOS Software Engineer Send your resume to

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  42. Cloudflare is a global network designed to make everything you connect to the Internet secure, private, fast, and reliable.
    Cloudflare | Singapore, Australia | Full-Time, Remote-OK | Cloudflare is on a mission to help build a better Internet. Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest networks. Today, businesses, non-profits, bloggers, and anyone with an Internet presence boast faster, more secure websites and apps thanks to Cloudflare. Below are a few openings we have in our team in APAC: - SRE - Edge -

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  43. Mattermost is an open source alternative to Slack.
    • Open Source
    Mattermost | Open source | Remote | Mattermost is a flexible, open source messaging platform that enables secure team collaboration. <i>Try out Playbooks for Incident Collaboration and Focalboard for open source project management</i> We are currently hiring: - Senior Engineering Manager- Cloud - Senior Full Stack Engineer - Playbooks Team - Full Stack Engineer - Channels Team - Senior React Native Engineer - Business Development Representative, UK - Business Development Representative, Germany - Senior Developer Advocate - Solutions Engineer - Senior Solutions Marketing Manager Please submit your application here: or send your resume to To learn about all the ways to get involved with our community visit

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  44. Lambda is a free, open source face API which offers both face detection and face recognition.

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  45. 45
    Crobox is focused on helping eCommerce brands better understand and act on their shoppers behaviour, all in real time.
    We're hiring Senior Frontend & Fullstack Developers and Software Engineers (DevOps). Apply here: or reach out to

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  46. Hivestack is an AI-based location ad serving platform that helps marketers target customers based on where they are and places they have been.

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  47. 47
    RMRK is the most advanced NFT system in existence.
    • Open Source
    RMRK | Remote| EU only | Full Time | Fullstack React Typescript developer | We are looking for a Full-Stack Typescript developer, with strong front-end skills. Namely React/Typescript/Next.js.

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  48. A Mobile Ethereum OS
    • Open Source
    2⃣ Protocol Engineer ( Our current project seeks to push the web3 ecosystem forward through research, creation of developer tools, and support of the open source community we have quiet some growth planned continuing into 2022 at ( DM me on Discord (LilChiChi#0021) or on email (

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