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The 20 Best Learning Management Systems Software (2018 Update)

Docebo Adobe Learning Manager Litmos LMS iSpring Learn Talent LMS GnosisConnect 360Learning The Academy LMS Kallidus Learn GetAdministrate
  1. 1
    Docebo Learning Management System is the best cloud LMS system on the market for online training. AICC SCORM xAPI compliant. Mobile elearning platform
    Docebo can be utilized together with various video conferencing tools such as Adobe Connect, Big Blue Button, Blue Jeans and SkyMeeting to name some. Docebo’s API enables users to easily integrate third-party applications into the LMS without any additional hassle.

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  2. Adobe Learning Manager (formerly Adobe Captivate Prime LMS) is easy to setup and helps in delivering engaging learning experiences in a personalized manner across devices.

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  3. Most User-Friendly Learning Management System (LMS) in the World
    No matter where you are located, training will get to you. The design of Litmos LMS secures worldwide delivery, enhanced by the features that mobile learning bears. Introduce yourself to a cost-effective method of delivering online training content, combined with powerful track completion and assessment progress.

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  4. Launch eLearning in 1 day with iSpring Learn LMS.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $2.99 / Monthly (per user/month billed annually)
    An LMS oriented to employee training. By using it, your online training material can be accessed from any device, even when offline, breaking place and time limitations. The LMS offers detailed statistics for keeping track of employees’ progress. The list of LMS features that enhance extended enterprise online training goes on, making iSpring Learn a safe choice.

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  5. A super-easy, cloud LMS to train your employees, partners, customers or students.
    Responsive design enables Talent LMS to be accessed from any mobile device including iPad, iPhone and Android eliminating all space barriers. It also provides easy-to-understand analytics reports that inform online facilitators about all aspects of their courses. eLearning course designers have great customization potential with Talent LMS including a custom domain, logo and theme.

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  6. GnosisConnect LMS is a cloud based enterprise-grade Learning Management System.
    GnosisConnect supports all the major file types including SCORM, Powerpoint, PDF and mp4. It also offers the potential for branding customization such as logo importing and personalized themes. Customizing an online training course to address the learners’ respective needs is also viable.

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  7. Create, ship & improve courses together
    Extensively customizable and targeted for quick creation and expansion of a global digital culture, 360Learning has a way of transforming its clients to experts in their field. It also gives them the freedom to reuse already created online resources, plus leveraging available online training content in innovative and interactive formats. Two downloadable guides are also available: “Digital culture at scale” and “Training in an online world”.

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  8. The world's most engaging learning management system!
    The Academy LMS’s responsive interface allows easy access from any device. It includes detailed to-do lists that inform learners on tasks and activities, as well as an open library containing all the required content organized in a neat way.

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  9. Learning management system for learner development
    The Kallidus Learn team has also made a great job in giving you creative freedom. There is no need for special knowledge in order to customize the platform to reflect your brand. In addition, online training courses can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere, to maximize the online training experience you offer to your audience.

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  10. Deliver Better Training. Save Time. Save Money.
    Most times important tasks are time consuming as well. But that is not the case with Administrate LMS, where you can automate class scheduling, communications, and reporting. What’s of equal importance is a rich series of integrations, making it all much more simple.

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  11. 11
    Looop is the only tool that helps you rapidly deliver context-rich resources on demand so that...
    Tasks that may seem complex are executed plainly with Looop. You have the ability to generate detailed performance reports about individual learners, groups, or other info about course content. Also, online training courses can be assigned through push notifications or emails. You can always have your online training material updated, as it is quite easy to collect feedback for future improvements.

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  12. Discover the power of delivering quality, engaging, white-labeled learning experiences that are mission critical to your business.
    This platform’s features and functions establish it as more than just an LMS. Through this Learning Business Platform you can create, monetize, and scale online training initiatives globally to consumers, professionals, and extended enterprise learners, easily and effectively. Thought Industries LMS guarantees faster onboarding, customer engagement and satisfaction.

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  13. Redefine the elearning training experience with our learning management system software, designed to drive performance and develop leaders. Transform the way you manage learning with Knowledge Anywhere.

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  14. This cloud-based learning management system (LMS) empowers companies around the world to effectively deliver training. Built to facilitate engaging learning experiences, tap Absorb LMS to train internal employees, customers, partners and more.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    Absorb LMS advertises ease of use as its strongest selling point and with good reason. Its nicely laid out interface makes complete sense from the very first look. They pledge on delivering an easy to use platform, focusing on the smart design of complex interactions. This reflects on tools, that are here for you not just for the beginning but throughout your collaboration.

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  15. 15
    Online Training Done Right
    Skyprep LMS’ security model guarantees that your information is safely stored and backed-up at all times, as it is stored on a secure SSL-certified cloud infrastructure. This doesn’t deprive you of having complete control over who can access your LMS platform.

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  16. 16
    Moodle is the world's most popular learning management system. Start creating your online learning site in minutes!
    Moodle is widely known among open-source LMS solutions. It features detailed guides on how to set up your own Learning Management System, tips on how to create online training courses and teach with Moodle, as well as a large community of Moodle users who interact on various topics. Most importantly, it’s entirely free of any charge and comes with a mobile application as well.

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  17. 17
    Chamilo is a software that allows you to create a virtual campus for the provision of online or semi-online training.
    An open-source LMS, that is here to improve access to online training. Backed up by the Chamilo Association, aiming to promote the software, maintain a clear communication channel, and build a network of service providers and software contributors. Chamilo offers easy-to-use authoring tools for creating online training that meets all leaning preferences.

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  18. Learning management system for workforce development
    If you want to find out what customers say about Totara Learn, take a look at Totara Learn reviews here.

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  19. The Canvas LMS is the world's fastest growing learning management system. Check out favorite features and schedule a live demo!
    Up to the standards of online learners and instructors. Easily accessible from mobile devices as well. A time-saver, that gets adopted in growing rates. Plus, in-house Canvas experts are there, to ensure the speediest, most frictionless interactions.

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  20. Open edX is implemented mostly in Python (with some Ruby and NodeJS as well) and the code is being...
    • Open Source
    The Open edX is a tool empowering learners to access online course content, including videos and textbooks, plus checking their progress in the online training course. The Open edX LMS also has a discussion forum and a wiki at your disposal, that both learners and course team members can contribute to. There is also a dashboard through which the online instructor can enroll online learners, produce reports, and administer an online training course as it runs.

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