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8 Free & Best Open source bare metal hypervisors (Foss)

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  1. oVirt is a virtualization management application.

    What Open Source Projects Do You Use In Your District? about 2 months ago:

    oVirt -- Open Source Virtualization. Our district is running a CompTIA course and I am looking at deploying this on some old hardware for the class to use for VMs.
  2. Xen Project: Open Source Hypervisor, High Performance Clouds, Free Software, Open Source Virtualization, Open Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Desktop Virtualization, Mobile Virtualization, Embedded Virtualization.

    XSAs released on 2022-11-01 about 3 months ago

    Qubes OS uses the Xen hypervisor as part of its architecture. When the Xen Project publicly discloses a vulnerability in the Xen hypervisor, they issue a notice called a Xen security advisory (XSA). Vulnerabilities in the Xen hypervisor sometimes have security implications for Qubes OS. When they do, we issue a notice called a Qubes security bulletin (QSB). (QSBs are also issued for non-Xen vulnerabilities.)...
  3. XenServer is a turnkey open source virtualization solution that provides out-of-the box...

  4. Learn how Oracle Virtual Machine (VM) server virtualization is designed to enable rapid enterprise application deployment and simplify lifecycle management.

  5. Kernel Virtual Machine is a highly advanced and professional level virtualization program designed for the Linux operating system based on the x 86 hardware systems.

  6. Proxmox is an open-source server virtualization management solution that offers the ability to manage virtual server technology with the Linux OpenVZ and KVM technology.

    A little help with table structure? about 4 months ago

    Hey everyone! I'm making a server management panel with Laravel using Proxmox ( as the API for directly managing the virtual machines.
  7. OpenNode: homepage (English) - Bare-metal ISO installer (CentOS based) providing openvz, kvm, libvirt and func out-of-box together with OpenNode Management Server appliance - containing also ajax Web Management Console with secure HTML5 vnc and ssh …

  8. Triton SmartOS is a lightweight container hypervisor that delivers industrial grade security, networking, storage and performance to containers.

  9. VMware ESXi is a bare metal hypervisor that installs easily on to your server and partitions it into multiple virtual machines. Discover what it can do for you today