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The Best Weight Loss Apps of 2020

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  1. Just do it -- That's what they tell you, but it isn't always that simple. It is with Ideal Weight, the best daily weight tracker and BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator.

  2. Track the number of calories that you consume each day with MyFitnessPal. The app also lets you create a diet and track the exercise that you complete each day whether it's walking, running or some other type of program.

    Question about 26 days ago

    Go to and it will help you establish your calorie deficit (calories in/calories out).
  3. Snap a photo of your food to get nutritional facts

    Lost 125 ... then started gaining it back about 18 days ago:

    Here is where it begins to resemble work. The most efficient way to lose the weight you desire is to track your calorie intake. This has gotten much simpler over the years and today it can be done right from your smartphone or computer. r/loseit recommends an app like MyFitnessPal, Loseit! (unaffiliated), or Cronometer. Create an account and be honest with it about your current stats, activities, and goals. This...
  4. Weight Watchers is the best weight monitoring application that is designed to assist the users to not only lose their weight but also score benefits that go beyond seeing a smaller number on the scale.

  5. Get life-long weight-loss results

  6. Over 100 world-class workouts from elite trainers, available any time on any device.

  7. MyNetDiary is a web-based platform that offers calorie counting and fitness monitoring services, available for both Android and iOS smartphone users.

  8. Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach is a fitness and health monitoring app for the global folks who want to live longer, feel better, remain active, and want to lose or gain weight.

  9. Fooducate is your healthy diet toolbox. Eat Better. Lose Weight. Get Healthy. Available for iPhone, Android, and online.

  10. LWD

    Lose Weight in 30 Days

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  11. Happy Scale is a simple to use weight loss tracking and fitness maintaining the application for the smartphone users.

    Feeling hopeless, I have been stuck in a plateau for 3.5 months about about 1 month ago

    Use a weight-smoothing app called Libra (for Android) or Happy Scale (for iPhone).
  12. Calorie Counter by Fast Secret is a weight loss and dieting app that provides the user with features to count calories.

  13. YAZIO is your app for healthy eating and weight loss. With YAZIO you lose weight fast and stay happy longer! 100% free. Welcome to a healthier life!

  14. Human body weight app

  15. Weight Loss Tracker enables users to lose excess weight and evaluate the success of their diet through a bodyweight diary.

  16. iTrackBites is an online weight loss solution that enables you to enjoy your favorite food while achieving weight loss goals with a personalized plan.