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8 Free Note Taking Software For Windows – Evernote Alternatives

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  1. Bring your life's work together in one digital workspace. Evernote is the place to collect inspirational ideas, write meaningful words, and move your important projects forward.

    Welcome to The Team! 7 Best Apps for New Hires about about 5 hours ago:

    If there's one thing onboarding comes with, it's a lot of notes! Evernote is an advanced note-taking app that optimizes the process in one centralized place with search capabilities, to-do list tracking, memo notes, even file storage for any company-owned docs.
  2. The simplest way to keep notes. Light, clean, and free. Simplenote is now available for iOS, Android, Mac, and the web.

    Best open source E2E note taking app? ( Windows, Android) about 2 days ago:

    SimpleNote might satisfy your requirements.
  3. Zim is a graphical text editor used to maintain a collection of wiki pages. Each page can contain links to other pages, simple formatting and images.

    Local, Server-Less, OpenSource Wiki? about 26 days ago:

    You might look at Zim ( as well. It's cross platform and all the data is stored in .txt files (but is displayed using a markdown style).
  4. The secure, collaborative notebook

    freemium $3.0 / Monthly

    Do you have about 5 different places you are keeping notes? about 5 days ago:

    If you looking for something with encryption (I have a lot of passwords that I save), go with Standard Notes or Turtl.
  5. Unofficial Linux client for Evernote.

  6. QOwnNotes is a free plain-text notepad with markdown support for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, that works together with ownCloud Notes.

  7. Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large number of notes organised into notebooks. The notes are searchable, tagged and modified either from the applications directly or from your own text editor.


    DSM 7.x and simple wiki for home use about 1 day ago

    I use Joplin for that. It is more of an app that you can use on desktop and mobile. You can use your synology as the backend via the built-in webdav. Maybe check it out.
  8. Get the OneNote app for free on your tablet, phone, and computer, so you can capture your ideas and to-do lists in one place wherever you are. Or try OneNote with Office for free.

  9. A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file.

  10. Elephant is a notetaker with a classic interface you already know.

  11. Laverna is a JavaScript note taking application with Markdown editor and encryption support.

    Notes section about 5 months ago:

    There are also secure note-taking apps available, like Turtl or Laverna. But those are full-blown writing apps, good if you're making lots of notes and want complete security. It sounds to me like you just want to store some basic info, including passwords. That's what password managers are for.