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Neo4j Alternatives and Competitors

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  1. Meet Neo4j: The graph database platform powering today's mission-critical enterprise applications, including artificial intelligence, fraud detection and recommendations.

    Is it possible to create a decentralized blockchain based... about 20 days ago:

    The current program is loading data directly to and from the Ceramic network. When there are thousands or millions of entries this isn't feasible. My plan is to run a graph database in Docker, and use it to both cache the information from Ceramic and run a service akin to IPFS Cluster to pin the filesystem information randomly on connected clients such that the availability of files is preserved.
  2. A distributed open-source database with a flexible data model for documents, graphs, and key-values.

    How do I install Arangodb with the default settings, without... about 4 months ago

    I have a bash script and a part of it is installation of I want a script to install Arangodb in such a way a user won't have select any options during installation, not even specify a password. I want it to have all the default settings, default password such as 1234, even an empty password will do, default config... Everything by default and without any questions to a user.
  3. OrientDB - The World's First Distributed Multi-Model NoSQL Database with a Graph Database Engine.

  4. NoSQL JSON database for rapid, iterative app development.

    Managing the infrastructure of a reusable ecommerce platform... about 20 days ago:

    In the ones where we need a persistence layer, we rely on the resources Azure Cosmos DB or Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Other services provide an API to search among a catalog of products with Azure Cognitive Search. As I will explain later, we work with different environments, therefore, creating and updating the resources across them becomes a harder task.
  5. Amazon Neptune is a fully managed graph database service that works with highly connected datasets. Learn about the benefits and popular use cases.

    Building a GraphQL API on AWS with Amazon Neptune Graph... about 3 months ago:

    As an AWS person, I became really interested in how I may take advantage of a an AppSync GraphQL API backed by a graph database. There are many great options to choose from, including things like Neo4j and ArangoDB which I hope to also try out sometime soon, but for this build I chose to use Amazon Neptune.
  6. Open-source graph database.

  7. Built like a hedge fund.

    Thoughts on Titan ( about about 1 month ago

    What are everyones thoughts on Titan or I listen to the Animal Spirits podcast frequently and the cofounder and ceo was on talking about Titan. After listening to it, looking at their website etc. It seems like a decent idea. I was considering putting in a relatively small amount of money to each of their 'funds' and comparing it to my personal portfolio to compare and contrast.
  8. The Apache Cassandra database is the right choice when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance.

    Why a Serverless Data API Might Be Your Next Database about 12 days ago:

    You can test drive it locally with a download, but it’s much easier with Docker, and easiest as-a-service on - a serverless DBaaS API built on Apache Cassandra, K8ssandra, Stargate, Apache Pulsar, Envoy and other modern open source.
  9. Redis is an open source in-memory data structure project implementing a distributed, in-memory key-value database with optional durability.

    Using the Bridge Pattern in Laravel about 6 days ago:

    As you'll have probably noticed in the Laravel documentation and in your project's config, Laravel supports a few different drivers for caching, including: Redis, DynamoDB, Memcached and the database. So, for example, if we were to set our cache driver in our .env file to CACHE_DRIVER=redis, when we run our code snippet above, the data would be stored in our Redis cache. However, if we were to change the driver to...
  10. FlockDB is a distributed graph database for storing adjancency lists, with goals of supporting high rate of add/update/remove operations.

  11. Oracle Spatial and Graph supports a full range of geospatial data and analytics for land management and GIS, mobile location services, sales territory management, transportation, LiDAR analysis and location-enabled Business Intelligence.

  12. AgensGraph is a multi-model graph database for the modern complex data environment, which supports the relational and graph data models at the same time.

  13. Graph Databases

  14. JanusGraph by IBM Compose is a scalable, cloud graph database optimized for storing and querying highly-interconnected data.

  15. Redis Enterprise in-memory database platform for real-time applications

  16. Blazegraph is a scalable, high-performance graph database with support for the Blueprints and RDF/SPARQL APIs.

  17. DataStax delivers a scalable, flexible and continuously available big data platform built on Apache Cassandra.

  18. HyperGraphDB is a general purpose, open-source data storage mechanism based on a powerful knowledge management formalism known as directed hypergraphs.

  19. Bitsy is a small, fast, embeddable, durable in-memory graph database that implements the Blueprints API.

  20. SQL

    SQL-GR (Aster / Connection Analytics)

    This hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet

  21. Graph Engine (GE) is a distributed in-memory data processing engine, underpinned by a strongly-typed RAM store and a general distributed com