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Hugo or Jekyll? 6 Factors You Should Know

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  1. Hugo is a general-purpose website framework for generating static web pages.

    Why I built my own static site generator about 13 days ago:

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned Hugo[0] yet. I write Markdown and commit to a git repo, then a web hook in Caddy pulls and builds the static site, anything I commit is up in a matter of seconds. I'd much rather spend what little time I have writing blogs to help people learn new things than write YASSG. Someone below linked to a site with over 400 SSGs.I think OPs "why" was really "because I wanted to", after...
  2. Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.

    VS Code Markdown Preview + GH Pages? about 5 days ago:

    Fundamentally, I'd love for my math/markdown notes to be portable, not just viewable via a markdown reader. Ideally, with as little work as possible I'd LOVE it if I could just publish my .md as Jekyll posts hosted on Github Pages. Unfortunately as far as I can tell, GH Pages used kramdown which accomodates math-mode for MathJax rather than KaTeX.