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2021 Best Black Friday Deals for Web Developers

Recommended and mentioned products

  1. Email spam checker and newsletter heatmap prediction.

    Unspam is currently available for 30% off with the code “BLACK” until November 30.
  2. Siter is a responsive, drag-and-drop based site builder.

    As essential as it is to utilize a website for an online presence, coding is an intimidating task for many people. is popular amongst those who are turned off by the idea of needing to code. This online editing tool gives its users everything they need in order to create an aesthetically pleasing and successful website without the need for code.
  3. Create a beautiful, responsive website in under an 1 hour

    For those who need more than just Bootstrap 5 builder to build their website, Startup is a solid contender. The platform is inviting to developers and designers who want a more in-depth website.
  4. We make it impossible to create ugly websites

    Create websites that are highly optimized, fast, and mobile-friendly to boot. Slides is used to create static websites with clean code and a firm structure. It’s because of these features that the site has been voted Product of the Month.
  5. Create, edit and manage awesome email newsletters 😻

    Postcards is an HTML email template builder that gives its users access to a platform that allows them to communicate with their team in a multitude of ways. Your team will have the ability to share things in a joint cloud account, manage different projects, and export any creations to a popular ESP without worrying about a middle man.
  6. A lightningfast, innovative and supercharged WordPress theme

    As the most innovative, “lightning-fast,” and supercharged theme available on WordPress, Blocksy is perfect for business owners who need a good layout for their online store or agency. There are three plans to choose from and it’s also currently available at a reduced price.