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Prototypal Pragmatism – Designing Patterns for Progress with William Shepherd

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  1. Learn why more developers choose SendGrid for their email deliverability service to send transactional emails triggered by web apps. Get started for free

    William: Right. And when you think about it, sure, you can integrate with Twilio, and SendGrid, or Mailgun, or any of these other tools. But then you have multiple things that you have to integrate with, which increases complexity, which increases surface area to bugs, and just all kinds of issues, so we handle all of that. But we add some marketing stuff on there as well for marketers to use without having to...
  2. Customer engagement platform used by over 1 million developers and marketers; the fastest and most reliable way to send mobile and web push notifications, in-app messages, emails, and SMS.

    freemium $9.0 / Monthly (Plus usage-based costs. (Growth Plan). )

    To bring it back a little bit to your employer, OneSignal is exactly that kind of solution. Like, sure, you could go and implement all of these things yourself where you have your SMS and your email provider, and then you have your MarTech piece where you're doing analysis of your audience and making sure the right people hear the right things at the right time. Fitting all of those under one umbrella has...
  3. Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers

    Like, I'm building a drink dispensing robot that runs Kubernetes on the robot. There's no reason to do that. I'm just jamming in technology to make it as complicated as possible because it's interesting to me, and it drives my learning. But when it comes to actually shipping a product for a company, you want to take exactly the opposite approach. Fortunately, waffle bot is unlikely to be a company ever.