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  1. Community-based Q&A part of the Stack Exchange platform.

    Stack Overflow For anyone who is into programming, Stack Overflow is a must join the community to learn, share and build. It hosts developers from around the globe, where they come to seek answers to their coding challenges and ask questions about their errors. He is the amazing part, according to their analysis a question is posted every 12 seconds, and it is always answered by developers who already know...
  2. Stack Exchange is a fast-growing network of 84 [and counting] question and answer sites on diverse...

    Stack Exchange It was launched in 2010, by the Stack Exchange network. It comprises 173 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.
  3. A friendly and inclusive Q&A network for coders

    Hashnode It is a global community of developers, where you can share ongoing projects, ask questions, suggest ideas, and help other solve their problems. It is a free platform that helps you stay connected with latest trends. You are able to publish blogs, get your own sub-domain or add your own, follow your favorite author and even back up your blog on your GitHub also participate on hackathons and win...
  4. How hackers start their afternoons.

    Hackernoon It is a site where you can read, write, and publish articles visible internationally, it's a community of 15k + writers and over 3 million readers. Top tech companies use this platform to share their expertise.
  5. Originally founded as a project to simplify sharing code, GitHub has grown into an application used by over a million people to store over two million code repositories, making GitHub the largest code host in the world.

    GitHub It is a very popular name amongst developers. The Community Forum is the place where you as a developer, can share ideas and follow up on discussions. However, users can easily share their code, making it an interesting programming and coding community.
  6. Where software engineers connect, build their resumes, and grow. It is an open source community of more than 600k developers where they share, learn nd stay updated with latest technology trends. It has resources like podcasts articles, Videos, Real-world examples, Hackathons etc.
  7. Grow your blog as a developer without an existing audience

    Blogging for Devs It is a private community for developers, freelancers and tech creators growing their audience through writing online. The only thing is that it's not free, you need to pay a fee to be a part of it.