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These Are the 21 Best Developer Productivity Tools

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  1. Tuple is a Mac-only remote pair programming tool for discerning developers

    Tupleis for developers who have realized that, as much as they’ve become standard for workers in 2020, Slack and Zoom weren’t made for programmers — and it shows. A trio of software engineers created Tuple to make pair programming easier for remote teams, and the result is an app with simple, high-quality screen sharing, crisp audio, and efficient CPU usage so it has full functionality even on a low-latency...
  2. Pi-hole is a multi-platform, network-wide ad blocker.

    Pi-Hole is for those developers who think there’s nothing more distracting than a webpage ad. Think about it: They clutter up your screen. They reduce network performance. By all accounts, they’re an unnecessary obstacle in the way of productive work. Enter Pi-Hole, an ad-blocker that connects to your router instead of your browser, making it able to provide network-wide ad blocking. Pairing Pi-Hole with a VPN...
  3. f. lux is a piece of software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android that provides a blue light filter over your screen. Research suggests limiting our exposure to blue light in the hours before bedtime can help us fall asleep faster.

    F.lux is the productivity tool that will save you from dry, tired eyes — a problem for developers everywhere. This tool automatically adjusts your screen color based on your time and location, making colors warmer as it gets dark where you are to make your screen more natural for your eyes in the dark. You can also override the automatic color-changes and set your own schedule, which is a great way to remind...
  4. HeySpace is the only free task and simple project management software with communication and collaboration feature.

    HeySpace is a task management software that also has a chat feature — sort of like a combination of Slack and Trello. Its innovative and user-friendly design allows you to see tasks and communications in just one screen. That means no more toggling between different screens (or different apps) to chat with your team about a project or task. HeySpace offers both free and paid premium plans, depending on the number...
  5. Habitica is a free habit building and productivity application.

    Habitica makes it fun to create good habits at work. Using pixel-like design, Habitica turns you into a hero in an in-platform world where you’re tasked with fighting through daily, weekly, and long-term goals. For completing tasks and building up good habits, you earn points, discover new animals, and build your strength. For failing at tasks, you lose strength — and your character can die. For developers who...
  6. A code searching tool similar to ack, with a focus on speed.

    The Silver Searcher is another app for developers that’s meant to minimize wasted time at work — by making it easier to search your code. Think about it: If you’re like a lot of devs, you probably spend a fair amount of your “coding time” actually reading and scanning code, not writing it. The Silver Searcher helps combat that by making it much easier — and much, much faster — to search through code.
  7. Cold Turkey is a free productivity program that you can use to temporarily block distractions so that you can get your work done!

    Cold Turkey requires you to know exactly what your vices are. But then it does a really great job at blocking you from accessing them. Set it up to limit access to certain websites, certain apps, and even your internet access. The result? A work environment that’s free of all distractions for as long as you need it to be, allowing you to work without the usual interruptions.
  8. AnyDesk is the world's most comfortable remote desktop application. Access all your programs, documents and files from anywhere, without having to entrust your data to a cloud service.

    AnyDesk is for anyone who has a killer desktop setup at work, and a similarly killer desktop setup at home, and wants to be able to work on both of them. Setting up the perfect virtual environment is a pain — and can take literal hours. So instead of doing it for every computer you use to code, just do it once and then use AnyDesk to connect to your work PC from any computer anywhere.