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  1. A crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps

    Moonbeam parachain participation won’t be allowed directly in... about about 2 hours ago

    You arent the only one being confused. Suddenly I need the polkadot.js and chrome-extensions. This is getting a bit messy.
  2. Bitcoin, safe and easy.

    Canadian Trying to Sell off USDC about 1 day ago

    Go to, click deposit, select USDC, select, input the amount you'll be transferring and hit deposit. Once you see your funds in your Pro portfolio, next to USDC click on "convert to USD". You can now click the "withdraw" button, move it back to and withdraw to Paypal.
  3. Crypto's first one tap app to earn & invest

    How to secure your metamask account about 2 months ago

    Check out, it’s seedless and multisig, so it should satisfy your two requirements for “resetting” (technically it moves the owner of the contract to another private key when you switch phones) and requires multiple signatures/approvals to send funds out.
  4. A


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  5. Fast and secure, ad and tracker blocking browser.

    Mobile version installation - big disappointment... about about 6 hours ago

    Yeah, I know I can get "just the APK" from APKpure and other sources, but why there's no official, direct download link on ?
  6. BW

    Burner Wallet

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  7. Fortmatic is a tool to help developers build web3 dApps without extensions or downloads.

    Can't cancel listing of an item about 3 months ago

    I'm using Fortmatic wallet, and I'm trying to cancel listing of and item I listed earlier this week. When I'm pressing on "Cancel Listing" in the image I added to this post, it loads for a second, and than it's doing nothing. Any idea why and how to solve this? I think it is related to "This will cancel your 2 orders." message at the bottom of the prompt.
  8. The first smart contract-based mobile wallet on Ethereum

    Daily General Discussion - October 19, 2021 about 1 day ago

    Good key management shouldn't require you to memorize or safely store a bunch of words. Instead, use Gnosis Safe or Argent.
  9. MC


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  10. MyEtherWallet is a free, open-source, client-side interface.

    New to crypto; still not connecting the dots on why a... about 10 days ago

    You can send it to any ethereum address your ledger creates and then if you actually want to see it, just head over to and verify it's in there. Although you can do the same thing with your wallet address on ether scan, it's up to you.
  11. P


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  12. Trust - Ethereum Wallet

    Hi Redditors! I'm giving away $500 worth of CRISPR Tokens AND... about 5 days ago

    Please read: you need a Trust Wallet ( or Binance Chain Wallet (available on the Chrome Web Store) address for us to be able to send. Get yourself a wallet. It takes roughly one minute to set up. It's all free. Then just post your wallet address in this thread.
  13. A secure, shared workspace for secrets

  14. WC


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