1. Track dark social & private messaging shares

  2. SimpleShareButtons is a plug-in for WordPress that comes with eleven different social sharing button sets.

  3. Optimize your conversion rates on mobile apps easily by running an AB Test or Split Test with Raise...

  4. Show most suitable landing to every visitor, automatically

  5. Predict which users will upgrade or churn tomorrow.

  6. POPUPSMART is a conversion optimization toolkit for sales, marketing, and support to grow faster.

  7. ConvertBox delivers targeted on-site messages based on visitor behaviour.

  8. Instagram contests & giveaways made easy

  9. Sales and marketing automation software for businesses that sell to directly to consumers using offline, online, phone or field sales.

  10. ContentUpgrade.me lets you create your lead magnet once and embed it anywhere.

  11. Fast, simple and efficient tool for running giveaways in multiple social media channels.

  12. Easily create and run giveaways and competitions that grow your social presence and audiences