Ably Realtime description

Ably is a Data Stream Network providing developers everything they need to create, deliver and manage complex projects. Ably solves the hardest parts so they don’t have to. Our 100% data delivery guarantee offers unique peace of mind to stream data between apps, websites and servers anywhere on earth in milliseconds.

Top 12 Ably Realtime Alternatives

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  1. PubNub is a real-time messaging system for web and mobile apps that can handle API for all platforms and push messages to any device anywhere in the world in a fraction of a second without having to worry about proxies, firewalls or mobile drop-offs.

  2. Pusher is a hosted API for quickly, easily and securely adding scalable realtime functionality via WebSockets to web and mobile apps.

  3. a lightning fast realtime data-store that connects browsers, smartphones, backends and the IoT - complete with realtime search, publish-subscribe and request-response

  4. Firebase is a cloud service designed to power real-time, collaborative applications for mobile and web.

  5. Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) provides unlimited Git hosting, cloud build for CI, agile planning and continuous delivery.

  6. Helix ALM is the single, integrated application that lets you centralize and manage requirements, test cases, issues, and other development artifacts and their relationships.

  7. Lightstreamer is a server for delivering real-time messages to browser-based and mobile...

  8. API development tool for Web and Mobile developers.

  9. OneSignal is a free push notification service designed for mobile apps and games.