1. We help companies grow Repeat & Recurring Revenue from their existing customers.

  2. Data analytics.Agile BI.Purely web-based.Easy for sales, marketing,operations, hr,CxO. Customizable analytics API/SDK for developers.Data into profits faster.

  3. NumXL is a Microsoft Excel time series software add-in.

  4. Anexinet (www.

  5. Easy to use, online and Mobile property management for the do-it-yourself landlords and property managers.

  6. Collect customer experience feedback on a daily basis and empower your team to take immediate action to drive retention, upgrades, reviews and referrals.

  7. Halo is a supply chain analytics and business intelligence software solution.

  8. Wootric is software that allows apps and websites to take customer satisfaction surveys so that you can properly gauge the popularity and success of your app through the eyes of the people using it. Read more about Wootric.

  9. Alt Legal makes it easy for law firms and companies to create and manage intellectual property.

  10. AppColl Prosecution Manager is a cloud-based, IP management software suite designed to significantly increase productivity.

  11. MerusCase is a SaaS product providing groupware features around the needs of attorneys.

  12. Medallia enables companies to capture customer feedback, understand it in real-time, and take action to improve the customer experience (CX).