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Modern cryptocurrency mining pool for GPU mining rigs

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  • I don't get it.. why are so many people mining RVN when other coins are more profitable? (2miners)
    Looking at the pool popularity (miners online): - Source: Reddit / about 23 hours ago
  • GPU mining question
    There is no point in solo mining with your gpu... yes, there is a small chance to hit a block of some POW coin, but it is possible (like in any real lottery) that you will need years and possibly your gpu will die before it hits a block... To your real question... Check out there is a SOLO pool section with instructions and software you have to use to mine on a pool. - Source: Reddit / 29 days ago
  • The Merge Is Killing Nvidia GPU Prices
    Go look at and whattomine. Since post-merge, ETC hashrate jumped by 200 TH/s. RVN hashrate jumped by 15 TH/s. Whattomine should show you it is more profitable to mine RVN coin than ETC if you use GPU - though both are at a loss. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Concluding 2miners statistics; 2022-09-15
    With ETH mining gone, today's payout will be the last XNO payout processed by - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Passive Income 3: Reflections and mining... oh and Brave Browser
    Much everything else - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Ledger +Ethereum+Expanse+MEW=A Big Mess
    In the link below it shows the EXP is in the wallet address that is an Ethereum address. So I mine it on then have it sent to that address in the link. When trying to get MEW wallet to find the EXP on the ETH network it finds the wallet but shows 0 EXP tokens. So I put in the contract address and still no tokens shown. I followed the directions from ledger and when I try to open the EXP app in ledger... - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Why is Zcash Flypool shutting down?
    I can't find a single other pool that accepts shielded payout addresses. But has the same 1% fee and PPLNS payout system that flypool has, and though it requires transparent addresses, it requires no account setup (i.e. KYC free). - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago
  • Choosing Proof-of-Stake Over Mining Is Ethereum’s Biggest Mistake and Here Is Why
    Ah. The website I always trust in being non-biased regarding PoW vs PoS discourse. - Source: Reddit / 6 months ago
  • 110-200 MH/s Father of young family just hit with redundancy, looking to make a few bucks
    Really appreciate the help. Im go ahead and try to get this going. Below is the command I'm running, I believe the first link is the pool right? Im guessing I want to choose that carefully, I believe this was default. - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago
  • Has difficulty gone up drastically?
    Flex estimate it exactly the same as I earn now with - I tried flex once and just didn't like it overall. - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago

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