1. Take on good habits and break bad ones

  2. Todour is an application for handling todo.

  3. Task manager based on iOS reminders and calendars

  4. Listium is a tool to create, share and publish all your lists in one place. 

  5. Collaborative Project Planning App

  6. Simple as SMS but powerful to supercharge your team communication.

  7. Command line todo list with git sync

  8. Habit, task & goal tracking + quantified self

  9. Doddle, the all in one Client, Team, Project and Task Management platform. With: Lead Management

  10. Text editor - Notes, ToDo & Bookmarks. Markdown and todo.txt support.

  11. Dynalist is a web app that lets you break down and organize your thoughts in the format of lists.

  12. Plain text to-do lists for Mac