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Data Center services, IaaS, PaaS and Backup Solutions for Enterprises in Europe. Bare-Metal and VPS server rental. 99.95% uptime SLA and DDoS protection. 24/7 premium support

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    Reasonably priced and well supported

    If they mantain this level of service, I'm sure we will be a customer for a long time to come. Thanks. My uptime has been 100%. Support has been above & beyond- happy to help on easy stuff as well as tough questions. 2cloud has added support for more options as time has gone by. I recommend them every chance I get!

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    The control panel is nice as well

    You can't ask for more than that! I like 2cloud dedicated hosting services and can highly recommend them to others. When you use the online chat, someone answers pretty much instantaneously. There are still some quirks, the uptime is good, but there are still a lot of hiccups compared to the dedicated service.

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    The pricing plan is good

    My experience with 2cloud VPS hosting has been stellar! Customer support has been second to none - helpful, patient and thorough support staff. All hosting service encounters problems from time to time, but I'm quite impressed with the resources they put into action to resolve issues quickly.

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    I've never had a problem with uptime

    I'd recommend you to use 2cloud dedicated server hosting! It is really good service, fast support and paid hosting always gives me more opportunities than VPS service. That is something what makes me really pleased with the service I have. You get what you pay for. That is my case. I pay for professional services and I do get them.

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    Fastest ever setup

    With 2cloud hosting I always get a quick response! I've never had to wait to speak to someone, or to have them return an email. The crew really really knows their stuff. By far the best hosting provider I have used: ever.

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    The technical customer support is great

    Finally I've found a good home for my web sites, 2cloud is the best solution for hosting any kind of web sites. I have yet to have any problems with them. My site has never been down for even one minute, not once. When I was having problems figuring things out, they were always there to help, quick and easy to understand.

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    The price is incredibly reasonable โ€” I like 2cloud

    Nevermore than a few minutes of wait time! Overall, 2Cloud servers are fairly stable. The technical customer support is great and works 24/7 - always ready to give a helping hand. Any ticket I've put in has resulted in a real e-mail response within 10-15 minutes.

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    Excellent support, excellent response time

    It is so rare that you get good customer service nowadays. To me that's the most important thing. 2cloud does offer a very good price and on the half dozen or so times that I have needed to speak to them, including in the middle of the night, there has always been a technically competent support person available immediately. The servers are fast.

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    I've found a good home for my web sites

    The support is incredible, they are available 24 hours. The site will sometimes be down for a few minutes (once in 3 months or so), but that is common. is the most professional host. For us this is the principal aggregate value.

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    Fantastic host. Very prompt and thorough

    Long story short, it was a wasted fear and anxiety. The staff at was so good and did everything so fast and efficient, I am speechless. Excellent web host: server uptime 100%, fast support team, fast servers - I highly recommend this web host.

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    The price, bandwidth, and storage are excellent

    Where 2cloud really excel is the unrivalled and unflappable service. Support tickets are responded to effectively within minutes. When your own business depends so much on the service of a third party it's good to know you're on to winner.

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    Perfect hosting at an amazing price!

    I have only good things to say about VPS hosting. The reason I am here (after 10 years of using web hosting elsewhere) is that they provide the most up-to-date, user-friendly software applications for web hosting. They offer the latest versions of PHP & Mysql, and they really work. I also appreciate their prompt and helpful support. Thank you.

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